How Brands Use 'Fake' Holidays to Get Noticed

Fake Advertiser Holiday Example

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Snap Introduced its First Camera-Embedded Wearable: Spectacles

Snap Inc., formerly known as Snapchat, best known for its transient messaging and photo-sharing social media app, introduced its latest product innovation, Spectacles. Spectacles is a bold-colored, camera-embedded wearable. It records videos in 10-second increments through a 115-degree camera lens.

In a video ad introducing the new hardware, a group of skateboard girls use Spectacles to document their sick moves as they weave around a Los Angeles skate park.

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Snapchat to Shake the Ad Industry with Scannable Ads

Snapchat’s branded filters, which have been around for quite some time now, take advertisements to a whole new level. Many advertisers find branded filters to be an effective marketing medium because they make ads more fun and interactive by adding an augmented reality layer. But Snapchat isn’t stopping there; they keep finding methods to monetize the growing intersection of people and the digital world. Their latest ad concept, which encourages users to scan or “snap” an image to unlock content, could succeed where QR codes fail miserably.

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Snapchat Marketing: 3 Tips for Sharing Your Stories on Snapchat

Snapchat Stories pic Screenshot: Snapchat Stories

If you’re struggling to imagine what Snapchat marketing might look like, the Snapchat Stories feature may be the way for you to achieve an organic and ongoing narrative engagement with your followers. Stories are an important part of Snapchat’s communications toolset. But how can brands shape an interesting and accessible story that connects with their customers? Here's a closer look at what you need to know and how influencer marketing could be the key to unlocking the potential of this platform defining feature.

Think in Terms of Narrative Arcs

Stories are both the compilation of a series of moments and something that can stand on their own. One way to look at developing a story is to think about the narrative arc. Where does it start, what does the middle look like, and where is the ending? Followers who watch Stories want a narrative that establishes a sense of place and actually takes them on a journey. There should be a clear opening that hints to what’s to follow, moving effortlessly toward a satisfying ending.

An example of the way this could work is actually illustrated in the Snapchat Stories official video. A young couple is on a date that involves bowling, slow dancing, a funny scene with the fortuneteller, and a text overlay that says “it’s in the cards,” and more. By following the story, you immediately understand that these two characters are forging a bond. You see them competing for strikes in bowling lanes, gazing into each other’s eyes, and laughing as their futures are foretold. When watched in its entirety, the narrative and the overall message being conveyed is clear. Your brand’s Snapchat Stories should have the same flow and effect.

Make Every Moment Worthwhile

While the narrative arc matters, it’s important to never lose sight of the fact that Stories are made up of a series of moments (or individual Snaps). Traditional storytelling wisdom that every aspiring novelist or writer hears comes into play when you’re thinking about this framework. Each moment in your story should contribute in a meaningful way to the tale that you’re trying to tell. Each moment is also a social media experience for your followers. Are each of your Snaps funny, insightful, evoking emotion, or achieving some other goal that you have for your brand? The narrative arc will help guide the development of your campaign. But never forget the importance of each scene, interaction, or soundbite contributing to the larger story.

Influencer Marketing and Stepped-up Stories

There are several ways the brands can approach launching their own Snapchat stories. One is to produce and publish original content from your own accounts. Another is to work with established content creators to develop a Snapchat story-focused influencer marketing campaign. When you work with experienced influencers who understand the platform, the stories that they create are going to resonate with their audience. Their unique vision and creative voice will offer something entirely different than what your marketing department or agency partners might develop. If you’re thinking of crafting an influencer marketing campaign for Snapchat that’s built around stories, keep the following things in mind:

Carefully choose your influencers: Influencer selection is one of the most critical aspects of a successful influencer marketing campaign. In particular, you need to choose influencers who understand the dynamics of the Snapchat platform. Look for previous content examples where they’ve used the Story function in a compelling way. The best influencers for these types of campaigns understand the power of story and can use narrative arcs to elicit specific responses from their audiences.

Develop clear campaign guidelines: Your content guidelines will help your influencers to develop compelling content for your campaign. It’s important that your content guidelines provide enough background on your brands, products, audiences, and campaign goals to guide your influencers’ creative vision. It’s also useful to explore why you’ve chosen the story format for your campaign. The underlying reasons that have driven this important choice can help your influencers better understand how to tell your brand story in a meaningful way.

Have a clear promotional plan: Snapchat stories stick around for 24 hours. In order to get the maximum mileage and return out of these campaigns, it’s important to have a clear distribution plan. How will you promote the content to your networks, to influencer followings, and more broadly on Snapchat? Do you have a cross platform promotional plan? Will you engage a wider distribution strategy?

Influencer marketing campaigns can help brands make the most of innovative platform tools like Snapchat stories. But successful campaigns start with an understanding of both social media platforms and influencer campaign dynamics. Make your initiatives successful by working with an experienced technology platform like fullbottle, whose experienced team can help you with every aspect of your campaign and help ensure a high ROI.

Are you interested in learning more about how innovative influencer marketing campaigns can help your business achieve its goals? Contact fullbottle today to learn more about our solutions and services.


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Why B2B Brands Haven't Mastered Snapchat Marketing - Yet


Snapchat has a reputation as one of the hottest and fastest growing B2C platforms out there. Few social media networks are better when your goal is to bring innovative business content straight to the consumer. Younger users flock to Snapchat and it’s an excellent choice for innovative and experimental campaigns. While B2C brands have been active and growing at a fast rate since Snapchat launched, B2B brands have shied away. Why? It’s an important question, not only for marketers striving to understand the space but for B2B brands working to determine how best to approach the platform on with a successful campaign. Here’s a closer look at what brands need to know.<!--more-->

Why B2C is Dominating Snapchat

Snapchat’s audience is the key to unlocking the focus on B2C brands. According to the latest stats, 71% of Snapchat’s users are under the age of 25.[1.] Around 30% of Millennials access Snapchat regularly, to send close to 9,000 photos per second. The way the network is structured influences which brands are marketing there. Videos are ultra-short, and only stay in accounts for a brief period of time after users view them. The demographic contains fewer big business decision makers than other networks. It’s not that decision makers aren’t on Snapchat; they’re just not there in numbers yet that are attracting brands to make big investments.

As a result, Snapchat is more about building real time relationships than creating assets that can be indexed online or leveraged over time. In the B2C world, it makes sense to focus on brand impressions. The goal is often to create that moment of recognition when consumers are wandering the aisles of a retailer or browsing online. But the whole B2B buying cycle is completely different; it’s lengthy and often information intensive. While short and snappy has a place, it’s not primarily what buyers are looking for.

Understanding Audience Dynamics

If you’re thinking of experimenting with any campaign on Snapchat, it’s helpful to understand first and foremost whether your audience is active there. It’s much more effective to meet your customers and prospects where they are, rather than try to lead them to new networks. As the audience ages and evolves on Snapchat, there definitely will be opportunities for B2B firms. In particular, services that are targeting startups and companies where the buyer demographic is younger will be among the first to capture real growth opportunities.

What arguments exist for B2B brands to focus on Snapchat? There are a couple, each compelling for different reasons. One is a lack of brand saturation. It’s easy to stand out right now as a B2B brand because the competition is at a manageable level. That’s true of relatively few networks. The leaders who are on the site will be paying attention. The other reason is for future investment. The user base of the site is aging and will be assuming roles as decision makers in the future. Building those relationships now can be beneficial. It’s also useful to think that demographic shifts might encourage more B2B brands to invest in the site. As that happens, established brands with bigger followings will have an edge.

Position Your Snaps As an Omni-Channel Campaign

The growth of the omni-channel campaign – and the multi-platform influencer – is a hot topic today in the world of influencer marketing. Content creators are working to build their brands across platforms for increased influence and long-term sustainability. Brands are hoping to maximize their impact by showcasing content on multiple networks. The underlying goals reinforce each other, and as a result brands and influencers are working together on omni-channel campaigns.

An omni-channel campaign might be the best way for B2B brands to engage in Snapchat marketing. By linking your snaps up with Twitter and Instagram, you’ll get cross-platform exposure without overinvesting in a platform that might not yield results in the short to medium term.

Where does that leave B2B brands interested in Snapchat but struggling to find an angle? You’re not alone. Before embarking on a major B2B Snapchat campaign, consider partnering with an experienced technology platform like fullbottle. Fullbottle’s knowledgeable team can help you better understand the different platforms, determine your campaign goals, and craft an influencer marketing campaign that makes the best use of your marketing resources.

Are you interested in learning more about how influencer marketing can help you connect with B2B decision makers? Contact fullbottle today to learn more about our solutions and services.



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