How Much Does it Cost You to Manage Your Influencer Program [Infographic]

As a business you want to grow quickly and efficiently. Companies are likely to invest and scale their teams, but often forget to arm them with the necessary tools.

What does this ultimately cost the company?

We’ve found that organizations that do not leverage an influencer marketing platform and instead do all the work themselves, are spending a minimum of 2 hours per day on one of many labor-intensive steps involved with discovering and activating influencers - ultimately costing the company at least $31,000 in one year!

Check out our infographic “The Cost of Managing Your Influencer Program" to compare doing the work in-house vs. leveraging an influencer marketing platform like Fullbottle.

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The Psychology of How Buyers Buy and Influencer Marketing

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In the book I’ll Have What She’s Having, the author identifies a fundamental truth of the human experience: things become exponentially more interesting when other people have them, want them, and use them.

How many people have made the offhanded joke that they’ve gotten more invitations to go out on dates than ever before once they enter a serious relationship? How many people who never dreamed of owning a car buy one once all their friends do? How often do people upgrade their technology once they see their colleagues enjoying the features of the latest iPhone? On a deep level, influence is tied to the opinions and actions of those around us.

With the growth of social media and social video channels and platforms, consumers have established “relationships” with people they’ve never met but whose opinions they come to value highly.

Finding ways to capitalize on that innate human desire has long been a focus of marketing. Influencer marketing is the natural evolution of the latest trends in online marketing. For years, sellers have been looking for new ways to push on levers in the selling ecosystem in a natural way. In a sense, how can we sell without selling? Influencer marketing offers brands the chance to promote products, spread messaging, and generally connect with consumers when their guard is down and they’re not ready to reject everything they’re seeing as “just advertising.”

What Robert Cialdini Might Say on Influencer Marketing

Robert Cialdini wrote one of the essential marketing books of our age: Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion. In the book, Cialdini identifies six factors that help sell and persuade people to buy:

  • Reciprocity
  • Commitment & Consistency
  • Liking
  • Authority
  • Social Proof
  • Scarcity
Influencer marketing hits on several of these areas. Content creators build relationships by creating content that their audience consumes, whether it’s funny, insightful, moving, or something else. Typically, content creators deliver consistently great material and are liked – or even beloved – by their audiences.

As many content creators focus on a specific area or topic, they quickly establish themselves as a thought leader or authority. Other people follow them and interact with them on social media, which lends the element of social proof.

In essence, the influencer marketing campaign model hits on all the essential components of getting people interested in a specific message. When a brand partners with a content creator that’s built up all this goodwill and capital with his or her audience, there’s some transference of that good will. Fans take action and brands sell products, gain new followers, and grow brand awareness.

Applying Consumer Psychology in Your Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Applying the best insights of consumer psychology to your own branding and influencer marketing campaigns will help ensure that you capture the best results possible.

Look for good audience proxies: If you circle back to the idea of “I’ll Have What She’s Having,” it quickly becomes clear why an influencer’s profile is so important. Who is the target audience that you’re trying to reach? Not only should your audience speak to and resonate with this audience, but it’s important that the influencers you choose are the type of person that your customers will take a recommendation from. If your desired customer sees the influencer using a product, how likely is he or she to want to do the same for example?

Build on authority: When you’re speaking to IT directors, it’s obviously essential that your brand efforts be anchored around expertise and subject matter authority. But the same can be said for sneaker recommendations, makeup demonstrations, and country music reviews. People want to consume content from others who love what they love and understand where they’re coming from at a deep level. Focusing on long-tail influencers – content creators with a deep expertise in a specific area – can help build momentum and play to what you’re seeking to accomplish.

Engagement: Consumers increasingly want to engage with the brands that they purchase from. Influencer marketing is one highly effective way to personalize the experience, and provide a channel for users to connect with your brand in a way that builds customer – brand relationships.

Work with a knowledgeable partner: Brands that are launching influencer marketing campaigns should work with an experienced agency partner like fullbottle. Fullbottle’s team understands the psychology of how buyers’ buy, and how that plays out across the influencer marketing campaign. From selecting the right influencers to developing content guidelines that lead to conversion-worthy content, fullbottle will help maximize the ROI on your campaigns.

Are you interested in learning more about how influencer marketing campaigns can help you connect with your customers more effectively? Contact fullbottle today to learn more about our solutions and services.

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6 Social Media Tips for Advertisers in 2015

Check out detailed information about these tips by reading this blog.

1: Build a Community Rather Than a Number of Followers

2: Create Powerful Social Media Movements Across all Social Channels

3: Experiment with Facebook Advertisements

4: Host or participate in Twitter chats

#5: Discover influencers that are specific to your industry 

6: Share trending content

Working with influencers is easy, fun and effective. See the results for yourself; here’s video about a music campaign that was aiming to reach teens and young adults.

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Netflix’s Secret Special Algorithm Is a Human - The New Yorker

Netflix’s Secret Special Algorithm Is a Human - The New Yorker

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Now Thats Music Volume 52 Release In October


In October 2014, FullBottle partnered with Now That’s Music to promote the 52nd volume in this storied franchise’s history. Over seven days, a team of influencers created more than 20 videos that were posted across Vine, Instagram and Twitter. The videos from influencers, whose audiences were discovered to be music lovers, generated huge interest and strong sales results. Read below to learn about how FullBottle brought this campaign to life.

Key Challenges: 1. Convince a new generation of music fans to purchase a compilation album. 2. Reach 9 million music fans on Vine. 3. Generate high engagement with video content. 4. Launch a brand new Vine account for Now That’s Music.

Strategy: 1. FullBottle’s data science found creators across Vine, Instagram and Twitter whose followers were predominately made up of music lovers aged 18-24. 2. Influencers created videos in their own authentic voice while incorporating licensed music from the album. 3. Videos were posted to the brand new “Now That’s Music” Vine account and shared re-posted by influencers on their own channels.

Click here to learn how FullBottle can deliver these results for your company.

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