How Brands Use 'Fake' Holidays to Get Noticed

Fake Advertiser Holiday Example

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How to Source Marketing Content: 4 Easy Ways to Get Videos and Images

Stress Free Ways To Source Images And Videos For Marketing

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How Much Does it Cost You to Manage Your Influencer Program [Infographic]

As a business you want to grow quickly and efficiently. Companies are likely to invest and scale their teams, but often forget to arm them with the necessary tools.

What does this ultimately cost the company?

We’ve found that organizations that do not leverage an influencer marketing platform and instead do all the work themselves, are spending a minimum of 2 hours per day on one of many labor-intensive steps involved with discovering and activating influencers - ultimately costing the company at least $31,000 in one year!

Check out our infographic “The Cost of Managing Your Influencer Program" to compare doing the work in-house vs. leveraging an influencer marketing platform like Fullbottle.

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The Hidden Value of Influencers [Infographic]

As a marketer, you know that authenticity and trust are crucial to connecting with and converting customers. The idea of leveraging someone else’s status and influence to better your own business isn’t new. In fact, influencer marketing has been around since at least 1760, when Wedgewood China used the royal family to drive pottery sales.

Long story short, it’s been around forever and it works.

But, we want to let you in on a little secret. There are less obvious applications for influencers that you likely aren’t thinking about. Check out our infographic to learn more.

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Study: Brands Need to Choose the Right Influencers to Drive Engagement

As more brands turn to influencer marketing to generate engagement, a new study has found that it may not always pay off. Specifically, brands may need to focus on the quality of their posts and their target audience more often to see better ROI.

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How can the right influencers drive engagement?

A report published by Markerly looked at influencers with less than 1,000 followers and compared them to those with between 1,000 and 10,000 followers. They discovered that influencers with audiences less than 1,000 had a “like” rate of 8 percent. In comparison, the group of influencers with larger audience had a “like” rate of 4 percent.

The publishers of the report claim that their findings highlight the need for brands to identify influencers who can bring them the most value. This involves finding those who are already working in their industry and targeting a similar audience.

"Brands that are interested in engagement over reach, and conversions over awareness are better suited to work with micro-influencers," Sarah Ware, CEO and co-founder of Markerly, told Marketing Dive.

Ware went on to state that micro-influencers – those with smaller audiences – may even be better options for some brands. They tend to have more resonance with their niche audiences and excel at geo-targeting and content repurposing. However, the bottom line is that businesses need to take the time and effort to hone in on the right influencers for their specific marketing needs.

At Fullbottle, influencers are incentivized by having the option to choose which brands they want to work with for marketing purposes. This ensures that brands are only teaming up with influencers who have their target audience and industry in mind. Contact Fullbottle today to learn how you can find the right influencer to achieve your advertising goals.

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