What Brands Can Learn From Lady Gaga's Instagram Strategy

Lady Gags Instagram Profile.

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How to Source Marketing Content: 4 Easy Ways to Get Videos and Images

Stress Free Ways To Source Images And Videos For Marketing

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Comparison of Facebook Live vs. Instagram Live Video [Infographic]

Live-streaming isn’t new. However, the convergence of technology and accessibility has catapulted it front and center. We can thank technology for affordable and widely adopted smartphones with front-facing, quality cameras and unlimited data plans. Pair this with the massive build-in audiences that social media platforms offer and you have yourself a perfect storm.

The fact that Facebook’s News Feed algorithm even prioritizes visibility of video, particularly live video, should signal the importance of incorporating live video in your marketing strategy. Whether you go it alone or hire influencers for live broadcasts, it is not to be ignored.

As a marketer, you have a whole slew of live video options, so we broke down the similarities and differences between two major players - sibling platforms Facebook and Instagram.
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Instagram Stories Best Practices for Marketers [Infographic]

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard about the launch of Instagram Stories, a feature that allows users to string together a series of photos and videos that vanish after 24 hours. At first glance it’s tough to see this as anything other than a Snapchat clone. However, if you can get past this (which I believe you can), you’ll realize that there are broader marketing implications that can benefit your brand. Before you dig in and start experimenting on your own channel or with the help of Influencers, check out our handy infographic that breaks down the Do’s and Don’ts of Instagram Stories.

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Why Brands are Shifting from Mobile Apps to Instant Messaging

A few years back, apps were a must have for brands. Brands relied on apps to help reach out to patrons when announcing product releases and promotions. The investment for apps was well worth it, but since then things have changed. Today, instant messaging is taking over apps by connecting patrons and prospective customers.

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