Instagram Best Practices Checklist: The Secret to Having a Successful Instagram Account

There’s more to Instagram than taking a quick snapshot, adding a filter and uploading it to your feed. When done right brands, marketers, and influencers can benefit greatly from the platform. It’s all about leaving an impact - creating posts that followers will like, engage with and share.

There are no set rules in building a successful Instagram account but we rounded up six basic pointers to help get you started:

1. When it comes to captions: the shorter, the better.

Users scroll through their Instagram feed quickly so you only have a few seconds to capture their attention. Whether they are waiting on a bus stop, walking toschool or watching TV, their thumbs are continuously scrolling. While the caption is not the main reason people are using the platform, a short, striking and witty sentence may capture their attention. Remember, you only have a few seconds so keeping the captions short is your best option.

2. Tag others as needed.

Tagging is a form of giving credit. With a simple tap, users can know who the person is, what brands they are wearing, or where the snapshot took place. Today, influencers, brands, and stores, all have Instagram accounts. Tagging them will put your photo in the “tagged photos” section of the user’s account, giving you more eyeballs, and possible followers.

3. It is a must to use #Hashtags.

Adding relevant hashtags on posts increases the visibility and discoverability of those posts. If the account has less than one thousand followers, it is advised to have at least eleven hashtags. While it is a must to have hashtags on every posts, be sure that you do not over do it, having hashtags in front of every word will make your account seem spammy.

4. Posting blurry photo is a no-no!

High quality photos on Instagram is essential and posting a less than stellar photo, let alone a blurry one, could cost yo followers. Users have full control on what they would like to see on their news feed. Hence it is a must to keep up with their standards to keep them engaged. Remember, users are likely to follow hundreds of accounts, a poorly managed account won’t be missed.

5. Be firm and consistent with your brand.

Fact: only change is constant and this could be overwhelming to users. Followers likely follow an account because they like what they are seeing presently be it clean scenic snapshots, well crafted food and beverage shots or even dramatic selfies. Posting irrelevant photos may turn followers off and cause unfollows. If you feel change is inevitable, do it gradually.

6. Engage and interact with your followers.

Everyone appreciates flattery and wants to be noticed. Reposting a fan-made photo on your own page shows appreciation and is also beneficial to you. It shows that you are checking out mentions and that you value your followers. Just make sure to ask for permission prior to reposting the photo (a simple comment or direct message will do).