How Influencer Marketing Campaigns Build Brand Continuity and Channel Engagement

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Could an influencer marketing campaign be the right solution for helping reinforce both your brand continuity and your channel engagement? Absolutely! Many marketers think of influencer marketing strictly as a way to promote a specific product or increase the attention on a targeted piece of content. But brands can also dramatically benefit by leveraging influencer marketing as a way to build their presence on social media channels and as part of multi-platform continuity initiatives. It can also be an effective method for building the content needed to promote engagement. If you’re looking for a creative way to build your following on networks such as Vine, Snapchat, or Instagram, here’s a closer look at what you need to know.<!--more-->

Influencer Marketing and Brand Continuity

One of the most important elements of branding is consistency. At the highest level, consumers expect brand details to be consistent across channels: the same logos, copy, color palette and more. Consistency helps underscore your professionalism as a brand and create a constant customer experience across channels. At a deeper level, consumers want to see a continuity at the level of issues like your messaging, brand values, and positioning. If your brand is entertaining, motivational, or educational, those qualities should translate across your digital properties from your website to your social media channels. Consistent branding helps build both trust and interest.

As social media users increasingly diverge on their preferred social networks, there is more pressure on brands to be active on a number of different channels. Content creators are a reliable source of innovative content that’s targeted toward the specific needs of audiences on different networks. If your brand is working on a strategy to strengthen your following on multiple networks and create a compelling experience at all your social media points of contact, a well-structured influencer marketing campaign can help.

Increasing Channel Engagement

When brands are thinking about growth, it’s not just about collecting new followers. Engagement is one of the most important elements of an influencer marketing campaign.  The right campaign can help you attract followers that are anxious to interact with your brand in a number of different ways. Every online marketing campaign needs engagement to succeed. Engagement can be measured in the following ways:
  • How many likes a post receives
  • How many shares a post receives
  • How many comments a post generates
  • The depths and breadth of the discussion
  • Wider mentions of the broader campaign and specific posts

Now That’s Music Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Universal partnered with fullbottle on a campaign to help raise the profile of Now That’s Music. The goals were centered around multiplatform brand continuity, raising brand awareness, and increasing social media engagement. The campaign focused on increasing the social following of @NowThatsMusic, raising awareness of the franchise with Millennials and Centennials, and increasing sales of new releases.

The fullbottle team developed an influencer marketing campaign that focused on programming the accounts with original videos, promoting the account to audiences, and distributing the video content across platforms. The campaign was active on Instagram, Vine, and Snapchat. The end results were impressive. There was a high level of engagement and social brand continuity growth. Now That’s Music received 25.5 million video views, 610,000 engagements, and a 3400% increase in their follower base. The campaign allowed the brand to reach the target audience and encouraged them to interact with the brand’s social media accounts.

Influencer marketing allows brands to reach these goals in a number of different ways. The first is by leveraging the creativity and connections of established content creators. When you’re working to build your following on a select network, selecting influencers in your space that understand the network can help you create compelling content that will resonate with audiences. Combining compelling content with a distribution strategy that integrates both native distribution and a layer of paid distribution options vastly expands the audience that content reaches. Thoughtful messaging and promotion translates initial engagement into long-term relationships that benefit your brand.

Investing in an influencer marketing campaign requires a clear understanding of social media platforms, strategy, and execution. Partner with an experienced marketer like fullbottle that can oversee the process from conceptualization to post-campaign distribution to ensure maximum success.

Are you ready to learn more about how influencer marketing campaigns can help build your brand continuity and foster channel engagement? Contact fullbottle today to learn more about our solutions and services.