How to Source Marketing Content: 4 Easy Ways to Get Videos and Images

Stress Free Ways To Source Images And Videos For Marketing

Marketing in the digital age is overwhelming. There, I said it.

There are literally hundreds of marketing channels at your disposal. Even if you focus on the biggies, say Facebook, Instagram, your website and a few paid channels, you still need an insane amount of videos and images to sate the average consumer’s appetite. Look at Facebook and Snapchat users alone; in one day they watch a combined 18 billion videos. Holy $#@!.

So, how do you get your hands on high-quality content that won’t break the bank (or your sanity)? Try these four stress-free ways to source marketing images and videos.

1. Hire Influencers

When marketers think about influencers, they often fail to recognize that first and foremost influencers are content creators. Sure, influencers (the good ones at least) can leverage their authority and expertise to impact the buying decisions of loyal followers. While this is extremely effective, take it one step further by requiring influencers, agencies or technology platforms to grant you full rights to the final product. Then reuse the images and videos across your owned or paid marketing channels. This is part of what makes Fullbottle unique; you receive full rights to approved content at no additional cost. Sorry, shameless plug.

2. Go Live

Does exhaustion send you to the grocery store in your sweatsuit? Hey, no judgment here. It is impossible to be perfectly polished 24/7.

Why should your business be any different? Of course, sloppiness and carelessness are a big no-no; the point is that it is okay for your brand to be human. It is authentic. Viewers expect live video to be raw and unedited; it’s even welcomed. For a time-strapped, sweatsuit-clad content marketer, removing a time-consuming editing step is a godsend.

However, live video isn’t a license to wing it. Your broadcast still needs structure, brand voice, purpose, and value. Whether it is exclusive behind-the-scenes footage, coupon codes or exciting guest broadcasters, always bring value. Keep your viewers engaged, and they will continue to tune in. There are loads of live video options, so first, determine which solution is best suited for your audience and your objectives.

3. Play the Groupie Card

If you already have a loyal audience, making them part of the process can help fast track content creation. Tap the power or your most enthusiastic followers (aka your groupies) by inviting them to submit photos or videos of themselves interacting with your brand or your products. Often times, your biggest fans inspire the most original ideas. There are plenty of creative ways to spark participation and kick off your crowdsourcing efforts.

  • Start a competition
  • Give away cool stuff
  • Spotlight fan submissions
  • Tap your internal team (they are fans, right?)

Give it a try. You’ll not only get great content, but you’ll also engage your customers, which helps build loyalty and trust.

4. Upcycle

When you spend time and resources creating a piece of content, squeeze out every ounce of value. Ask yourself how you can repurpose or “upcycle” existing content in a way that drives more value. If you ran an influencer campaign, test the influencer creative against your brand creative in a Facebook ad to see which performs better. Take the crowdsourced submissions you received in a contest and put together a compilation video to share on social media. Ask that cute colleague that runs your social media for all the archived creatives. In other words, alway be on the lookout for opportunities to breath new life into old content.

Wrap it up

Even the most budget and resource-strapped businesses can easily source high-quality images and videos. The key is to think outside of the box and experiment with alternative content creation ideas like influencers, live video, crowdsourcing and upcycling. Agility is the name of game. Contact Fullbottle for more original content ideas.