Why Cross-Channel Marketing Is So Important for Influencer Campaigns

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For many brands that are considering launching their first social video influencer campaign, it’s easy to think in terms of reach or content generation on one specific network. Whether you want to support the launch of a product and target Centennials on Snapchat or build your overall brand assets on Instagram, an influencer marketing campaign can help you achieve that goal. But as the social video and social media context continues to evolve, it’s important to see that the boundaries are breaking down between networks. Each social platform or video site remains its own ecosystem – but there is also a powerful cross-channel influence at play that’s important to understand. Here’s a closer look at what you need to know about this growing phenomena and how brands can leverage it to their advantage.

Understanding Cross-Channel Influence

It’s important to look at how content creators cultivate influence in a specific space. Let’s consider the case of a fashion personality that develops a following on Instagram for creative, fashion-forward photos. Not only can this person’s following swell and their influence in the space grow as a result, they’re likely to be increasingly finding opportunities to monetize the following through partnerships with brands.

Engagement is important to demonstrating value and gaining a deeper level of satisfaction with your content. Cross-promoting content between networks can help expand the reach of a creator’s work and gain more traction for any given video, photo, or update. There’s a natural relationship between Vine and Twitter, and much of the traffic to Vines is actually referrals from Twitter. At the same time, many creators link their Instagram and Facebook accounts for bigger exposure. Short videos can be shared on multiple platforms. Content creators are increasingly thinking of ways to get bigger audiences, establish more enduring cross-platform relationships with their followers, and build their brands.

Content Creator Brands Staying Relevant

Content creators are also always exploring the edge of what media their audience is consuming. The social media platform that’s relevant today could be fading into obscurity in a few months. It’s a space with tremendous innovations. New platforms with better features, less advertising, or simply more interesting branding come along and capture the interest of different demographics. Successful online influencers have a well-honed sense for what drives interest among their audience and staying connected with those trends. Often, they’re early adopters for new platforms and experimenting with emerging content formats which can be a great way for brands to test them with their audiences.

Still, staying relevant takes work. As a result, content creators are often actively working to find ways to leverage their following on one network into a sustainable presence on another. Brands can take advantage of this in numerous ways through influencer marketing campaigns. Start by determining what your core goals are and how that aligns with choosing influencers that are active on specific networks. From there, consider how expanded distribution as a result of targeted distribution efforts or creators’ broader networks might add to the campaign achieving its KPIs.

Selecting the Right Partner

There are multiple aspects that need to be taken into consideration when developing an influencer campaign. Cross-channel campaigns have tremendous appeal for brands that are under pressure to have good content on multiple networks. In fact, brands that are struggling to achieve the “surround sound” goal of being everywhere important with consistent, branded messaging are drawn to this idea. It’s essential that all the aspects of cross-channel campaigns are well handled.

Selecting an experience partner like fullbottle will help ensure that your influencer marketing campaign is a success. Fullbottle’s team will help determine which influencers have the multi-channel reach desired, and how to craft content guidelines that result in submissions that play well on different networks. It’s also critical to build on influencer marketing campaign experience to clarify the different between core goals and distribution goals – and how that affects the multi-network positioning.

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