What Makes a Sticky Social Video for an Influencer Campaign?

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“Sticky” is one of those persistent marketing terms that describes something really important for brands considering video campaigns. It highlights those golden moments when marketing efforts are successful, catch on, and move their audiences toward action. Understanding what makes micro-video campaigns successful can drive not only a brand’s own content efforts, but how you conceptualize your influencer marketing campaigns. Here’s a closer look at a wide range of samples of “sticky” social video content on different networks and what you can learn as you think about your next influencer marketing campaign.

The NBA on Instagram

The NBA presents an interesting challenge for its marketers: in essence, the NBA is selling an experience, rather than a product. Their Instagram campaign reflects that and focuses on drawing in fans through exclusive behind the scenes content and short clips of dramatic action on the court. A campaign to draw attention to NBA Cares, a philanthropic initiative, increased engagement through its focused messaging.  Today, the NBA has garnered more than 7.8 million followers for their Instagram account, which is a great example of the rewards that brands can capture when they master what sticky means for their target demographic.

GE and Six Second Science

One unexpected brand that has come to the forefront of Vine is General Electric (GE). GE was recognized with a Shorty Award for their work on Vine. The company’s marketing and social media teams were actively on the network just one day after it opened to the public. In the course of their work, they realized that science-related and DIY Vines typically performed best. Using the hashtag #6secondscience, they posted a loop asking “What happens when you combine milk, food coloring, and dish soap?” From there, they opened up a “science fair” and invited users to submit their work. They partnered with influencers to raise awareness of the campaign. Their ultimate results were impressive: they received more than 600 submissions and grew their account by more than 40,000 followers.

Audi and the Onion on Snapchat

Brands are still finding their way around Snapchat. Two brands that partnered during the SuperBowl to make a big splash were Audi and The Onion. During Superbowl XLVIII, Audi partnered with Snapchat and The Onion to target Millennials. Huge and Onion Labs created a campaign of images and short videos exploring the different reactions that fans and their pets might have during a game. The campaign had a humorous tone, which is the right choice for this specific venue. As a result, Audi’s following on Snapchat grew in one of the biggest spikes that the platform had seen to date.

What Brands Can Learn About Sticky Micro-video Campaigns

If you’re thinking about creating an influencer marketing campaign, here are a few tips that can help you create sticky social videos for any platform. Each of these lessons is illustrated in the three case studies above, in slightly different ways.

Know your network: What works on Vine for your brand may not be the same as what speaks to a Snapchat audience. It’s important to think about format, content, and tone when developing your content vis-à-vis a network’s positioning to help ensure that you’re successful. Use that knowledge to provide targeted, actionable guidelines to your selected influencers.

Focus on the viewers’ needs: Sticky videos speak to the users or viewers, and get to the core of what they are interested in. What’s your audience really looking for – not only from your brand, but also on the network that you’re targeting? The most successful campaigns align these two things and help focus influencers on delivering something that’s of high value to the specific audience you’re working to reach.

Make an emotional impact: Does your planned content make an emotional connection with the viewer? It’s important to speak to your audience in a creative and meaningful way. NBA Cares was a great example of this. The NBA strategy was to show both excitement on the court, as well as humanizing details of the league’s charity-focused activities. Combined, these two different approaches had a major impact on the NBA’s Instagram visibility and engagement.

Work with an experienced agency partner: Sticky videos are the result of knowing your platform, audience, and campaign goals. Working with an experienced agency partner like fullbottle will ensure that every aspect of your campaign is a success. From the selection of influencers and target networks to defining goals and content guidelines that result in sticky content, fullbottle’s team will help you make the most of your influencer campaign.

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