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13.05.2014 by Reed Berglund

“Influencer” marketing (it hurts to type). Another wonderful catch phrase in the business of digital marketing. Nevertheless, it refers to a very powerful form of marketing that is often overlooked. The definition, according to the business dictionary: individuals who have the power to affect purchase decisions of others because of their (real or perceived) authority, knowledge, position, or relationship. So how does a brand unleash the power of Influencers? Simple (haaaaa), find passionate advocates and co-create with them.

But the process of finding relevant “influencers” is time consuming and difficult to scale. The most challenging task is to assess the value of conversations/exchanges happening within each platform. Take Vine for example – Viners have generated a flurry of attention because of the explosive growth of their audience. But there is more than meets the eye when you attempt to assess the value of “growth.” Whether you analyze followers, likes, or revines it’s all a bit muddy.

Kris762 – added 60k+ followers in the last thirty days.

Christian Delgrosso’s Following Spree

Follow Back Friday

In any market, there is often an under belly (Cue Chappelle). Such is the case with Vine. Here are some options to “PUMP YOU UP” on Vine: – buy revines or likes $27 buys us 2500 likes or followers, $68 buys us 5000 revines – buy followers $15 and voila we have 2000 followers by tomorrow – or simply go big for the “revine you to 200k with Zak”

Social inflation? Or perhaps we’ve entered a state of hyperinflation?

Despite all of this subterfuge Vine is an amazing platform. Because you will find real talent that can influence their peers in a positive manner.

Pinto – master of Vineography

Happy Vining!

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