Instagram Expands Video Length to 60 Seconds for More Storytelling

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In February, Instagram began allowing advertisers to roll out 60 second-long videos to users. Now, the social networking platform is making this length available to all of its users, ranging from Instagram influencers to amateur photographers.

Instagram made the announcement on its blog on March 29. The goal is to give users more “flexibility” to tell their stories, and Instagram says it’s one of many changes arriving this year.

instagram, instagram marketing, video, influencer marketing

Now, videos can be up to 60 seconds long.

In addition, iOS users will now have the ability to create videos out of multiple clips from their camera roll. This was an option in the past, but had been phased out.

“We’re excited about the incredible community of video creators who already call Instagram home,” Instagram stated.

Today, more than 25 percent of Fortune 500 companies use Instagram, and for good reason. The platform has 75 million daily users, meaning there’s a wide audience to be reached on Instagram. Brands continue to turn to Instagram to drive publicity through hashtags, exhibit company culture, and market new products.

Influencers use both photos and videos to engage their followers and grow their audiences. However, the ideal content type may depend on the audience of the brand. In short, the success of a video of any length is more dependent on the story being told.

That being said, it’s critical for brands and influencers to test various video lengths as Instagram rolls out its changes. While 60 seconds is an ample amount of time to tell a story, it may not be necessary to use the full minute — content reigns supreme over length. Ideally, brands and Instagram influencers should strive to generate content that engages their specific audience, rather than the general public.

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Watch That View Count: 3 Tips for Instagram Marketing with Video

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On February 11, Instagram announced that it was introducing view counts to videos uploaded onto the platform. This feature now gives Instagram marketing professionals a new way to gain insight on their target audience.

“Views are the most widely expected form of feedback on video,” Instagram stated in its announcement. “That’s why you’ll begin to see view counts underneath videos where before you’d normally see likes.”

But what makes a video worth watching in a busy newsfeed? Here are three ways you can ensure your video content shines within your Instagram marketing strategy.

instagram marketing, photography1. Show ‘Behind the Scenes’
Behind the scenes videos can resonate with your target audience and potentially increase brand loyalty, according to Shakr. Keep in mind that you don’t always have to show off your products and services – many people appreciate genuine posts without the salesy approach. A behind the scenes video can let your audience know that you want to forge a lasting connection with them that isn’t all about the money.

2. Understand the Brand Culture
In order to successfully launch an Instagram marketing campaign that utilizes video, you need to understand the culture of the social network.

“Instagram is the site where brands show fans who they are; it’s about shaping perceptions of a brand’s personality,” writes Sarah Fama for Reel SEO.

That being said, keep in mind that people aren’t just looking for eye-catching media on Instagram – they seek out engaging, story-telling content. Don’t be afraid to share your story through your videos.

3. Remember the Basics
The foundations of double tap-worthy Instagram photos also apply to videos. This means that you still need to consider angles, lighting and editing before you share the content with your followers, according to Entrepreneur. Doing so will help you maintain a professional look while exhibiting your brand in an engaging way.

Instagram stated in its announcement that view counts are just one of many features to come for video content. For starters, these tips can help you integrate video into your existing Instagram marketing campaign.

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Researchers: Video May Become the Key to Successful Instagram Marketing


Instagram continues to outpace other social networking sites in growth, but Instagram influencers and brands are having to work harder to drive engagement. Research conducted by Locowise has found that Instagram follower growth in January 2016 was 0.37 percent – its highest growth since August 2015. However, its post engagement rate was 0.95 percent of its total audience.

instagram marketing, marketing, instagram advertisingThis percentage is a 12 percent decrease from December 2015. While the network still beat out Twitter (0.09 percent) and Facebook (0.46 percent), Instagram marketing has been tough for users over the past few months.

To get over the hump, Locowise researchers believe video is paving the way for Instagram advertising professionals.

“Instagram wants you to watch more video on the platform,” says Marko Saric of Locowise. “It also wants more creators to post more video. The time users spend watching videos increased by more than 40 percent over the last six months.”

Videos and Photos: Creating a Balance
Despite Instagram’s push for more video content, photos still reign supreme. Locowise discovered that 91 percent of all posts made in January 2016 were images. However, this doesn’t mean that brands and Instagram influencers should shy away from creating a healthy balance of both photos and videos.

Video posts engaged 0.68 percent of the total audience in January 2016, indicating that there may be untapped potential in the use of this media. Additionally, it’s becoming easier for Instagram users to gauge the impact of their video marketing efforts, thanks to a new view count feature.

“As a widely expected industry metric for video, we believe video views are the best measure of viewer intent,” the Instagram team wrote in a blog post. “And we often hear from our community they’d like to better understand how people are engaging with their videos.”

With that, there’s no better time to test the waters with video content than now.

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YouTube is 10 years old: the evolution of online video

YouTube is 10 years old: the evolution of online video

Creators to promote Paddington release

From on DECEMBER 3, 2014

Om Nom and Paddington — BFFs?

The characters from Cut the Rope puzzle video game and Weinstein Company film will see their worlds merge in an ad campaign that’s rolling out ahead of the U.S. release of Paddington. As part of the digital promo, influencer-produced videos will appear on Vine and Instagram to drive downloads of the mobile app and support the release of the film.cuttheropepaddington-394x222

The deal with the viners was arranged by FullBottle, a San Francisco-based media company that pairs brands with online creators. The viners participating in the project are Brittlestar, Daniel Ojanlatva and Andrew David who are creating one video each.

“Some are artistic, others are comedic sketches,” says Eric Wachs, VP of marketing at FullBottle.

Some videos, like this one from animator Ojanlatva, show Paddington the bear joining Om Nom in the holiday version of the Cut the Rope app, launching Dec. 5. Others will play on the themes of the film, like a father showing the mischief his song gets him into when he’s hanging out with Paddington, Wachs explains.

The overarching theme of friendship helped FullBottle with its search for the right influencer partners, whom the team find by using an algorithm that sifts through tags, keywords and audience comments to find the right partners for brands.

“The influencers will be promoting not just the app to drive downloads, but also they’ll be creating short micro-videos to promote the film itself. It’s a duel-pronged approach,” says Wachs.

This is the first time a sponsored character makes an appearance in ZeptoLab’s Cut the Rope game. The film, which has already debuted in the U.K., comes out in January in the U.S.



Is the 800 Pound Video Gorilla Losing Weight?

03.06.2014 by Reed Berglund

In October ’11, YouTube market share peaked at a whopping 43.8%. Everyone was convinced the game was over.

YouTube swallows the Earth

]1 YouTube swallows the Earth

Google was swallowing the world and YouTube was the nasty set of teeth carving up billions of views at a time!

But for every 800 pound gorilla, there are thousands of hyenas gathering in the bush waiting for sundown (forgive the Nat Geo references of animals competing in different food chains). Jason Calcanis was the first major YouTube creator to flip the bird and take his talents elsewhere. Much of his decision was based on the premise that YouTube was no longer the end all be all for video distribution. According to Calcanis, creators’ needed improvements in three major areas:

  1. More ownership in creation and distribution of their content
  2. Greater control of their subscriber base
  3. Better access to monetize their content with advertisers.

Enter “technology’s democratization of video” (or so we think). Anyone can become a creator and now they have more choices of how & where they want their content to appear.

Cue my next set of metaphors – heavyweight boxing and WWF (for the OG’s of wrestling). YouTube was Mike Tyson – everyone was afraid to step in the ring! Well now Mike Tyson is in a full cage match.

Video Cage Match
1. The Dream Team

Facebook + Instagram

Facebook + Instagram

  1. Strike Force

    Twitter + Vine

    Twitter + Vine

  2. Vince McMahon



So let’s take a look at Round 1 of this cage match: 1. Mike Tyson’s market share is declining…and no one is talking about it. YouTube’s market share has dropped over 17% in the last two years. videowars-youtube-comscore-606x198

  1. No such thing as a Free Market. Enter the battle of Net Neutrality. On-line video uses the largest percentage of bandwidth and it’s unlikely Verizon or Time Warner will play nice in the sandbox. These ISP’s are using all of their lobbying power to put the squeeze on the competition. [[NY Times Net Neutrality][7]][7]
  2. Simply adding video really does make a difference! Enter Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, AOL, MSN. A series of acquisitions or a change in video strategy have put each of these companies back into the mix. Each company is focused on owning and monetizing video on their platform. As a result, many will not use the YouTube embed anymore and all will focus on publishing directly to their platform.

So what does all this mean? More options for content distribution. At the very least it will be a interesting battle over the next couple years.


Lunar Madness

15.04.2014 by Eric Wachs

One thing I love about Vine is time-lapsed videos. Last week at a Dodgers game, I tried unsuccessfully to record the grounds crew prepping the field before the game. One would think it’s easy. Think again!

Well – last night’s Lunar Eclipse – the first of 2014 – brought out some cool content on Vine and across social media in general. Here are a few Vines from last night that I enjoyed.

To the tune of Billy Idol’s “White Wedding”

Is there a more fitting song for a Lunar Eclipse?

Is music required when you have the beautiful sounds of nature in the background?

Limbo, Limbo – Balance Between Content and Advertising

02.04.2014 by Reed Berglund

Today, our partner Spil Games announced a new targeted video advertising strategy

The premise -“happiness is key.” Cue Pharrell – “Ït might seem crazy what I’m ’bout to say.”

Finally, a thoughtful balance between the consumer’s digital fun and the torture of advertising in their pursuit of “free” entertainment. The balance between content and advertising is the crux of any media company’s business. We want to entertain, but we also need to make sure we pay the bills.

Casual game publishers have historically been egregious offenders of this exchange. “Let’s slap another banner ad below the fold…and we can run a :30 while the game loads.” Their sites end up looking like a Sunday at the Brickyard 400 – cars dashed fender to fender in PENNZOIL and VIAGRA ads.

But Spil games is taking a unique approach. Put the player’s needs first – ENTERTAIN ME. The game publisher is creating a fair value exchange between game time and brand time. They allow the player to forge deep into the game-play before an ad is delivered. And paying close to attention to the type of game-play to time the delivery of the ad.

Bravo! and thank you for making our game experience a little happier. One ad at a time!

5 Vines that make you think – If you had a superpower for a day, what would it be?

12.03.2014 by Reed Berglund

Curious, what would your superpower be?

Superpower: Oreo Jedi

Superpower: Godzilla Size

Superpower: Megahops

Superpower: Time Travel

Superpower: Rocket Propelled