NHL All-Star Weekend: Geo-tagging takes Instagram Marketing to the Next Level

Bridgestone Arena

This year’s NHL All-Star Weekend is being hosted in Nashville, Tenn., at the Bridgestone Arena. The home of the Nashville Predators is situated in the beautiful downtown area of the city, and hundreds of hockey fans are flocking south for the big event. Those who are already in Nashville have been geo-tagging their photos as they post them to Instagram, but what exactly does this mean? How does geo-tagging play a role in Instagram marketing?

“Where we are, our location, plays a key role in determining what we’re doing and why we’re doing it,” says Kristin Marshall of The Next Web. “Location is correlated with our choices — of our needs, as consumers, for information and products.”

Instagram compiles our geo-tags in a neat little feature called a Photo Map. This shows where you’ve been as you’ve uploaded media in the past. As an added convenience, Instagram allows users to go back to old photos and add locations that they want to include in their Photo Map.

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Many fans have already geo-tagged themselves in Nashville.

As Saikat Basu of Guiding Tech explains, brands have been using geo-tagging as a part of their Instagram marketing campaigns for quite some time. Starbucks, for example, encourages its customers to geo-tag themselves at specific stores around the world.

“If you have a small business, you can reach out to customers and engage them with geotagged pictures of your store or wares. Or set up an event and advertise it with Instagram,” says Basu. “From the simplicity of meeting new friends and creating your own memories with a photo time capsule, to the complexity of branding your business, Instagram can be used in interesting ways.”

Ahead of NHL All-Star Weekend, the league has already expanded its brand awareness through geo-tagging, with hockey-loving Instagrammers posting images of themselves at Allstar Winter Park.

As this instance proves, the mere existence of geo-tagging can enhance any Instagram marketing strategy with little effort. Furthermore, it’s often real people – not just brands – that make the noticeable difference.

3 Ways the NFL is Instagram Marketing with Its Fans in Mind

Taking a photo

Whether you love football or you aren’t a big sports fan, it’s hard to get away from all things NFL around this time of the year. As the postseason rolls on, Instagram influencers and brands alike are getting in on the marketing action. Here are three ways that the NFL is keeping its audience engaged in the playoffs, even when there isn’t a game on television.

1. It’s Using Hashtags
Hashtags, as in, more than one. While “#NFLplayoffs” is a good start, the league has gone on to introduce others, including “#NFLTopPhotos” and “#SB50.”

“These days it seems like there’s a hashtag for everything, and there’s a reason for that,” says Alicia Anderson, social media community manager at Fusionfarm. “Businesses can use hashtags to increase their social reach and improve brand awareness.”

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The NFL is all about high-quality photos.

2. It’s Posting Quality Photos
Instagram influencers will tell you that it’s imperative to post high-quality photos on your page, and for an organization as big as the NFL, it’s expected. The league has delivered as of late, showcasing some of its many stars with crisp photos and using the hashtag, “#NFLTopPhotos.”

“It’s important to share high-quality images on Instagram,” Content Marketing Expert Jeff Bullas writes on his blog. “Don’t rely on Instagram filters to make your images beautiful.”

While you may not have a staff of professional photographers on hand like the NFL, there are plenty of third-party photo editing solutions on the market to help you make your pictures Instagram worthy.

3. It’s Making Timely Posts about Its Events
With hashtags such as “#NEvsDEN,” the NFL has been using its Instagram page to market its biggest games of the season. Timeliness is everything on social networks like Instagram, and it doesn’t hurt to preview upcoming events as well.

“Instagram is an excellent tool to promote events before, during and after they take place,” says Irina Trofimovskaya of the MICE Blog.

The NFL has a wide array of resources at its fingertips when it comes to Instagram marketing. However, it isn’t all about funds and popularity when it comes to finding success on the social networking platform. Creating a strategy that focuses on making posts that resonate with your audience is the first step toward a winning marketing campaign.

The Weekend Wrap-up: Instagram, Sports and Politics Galore!


If you had three days off and were able to enjoy Martin Luther King Jr. Day, you might have spent some time reflecting on what happened over the weekend. In between the Democratic debate and NFL playoffs, it was sheer madness for Instagram marketing teams looking to capitalize on the advertising opportunities. Let’s take a look at what you might’ve missed over the long weekend of Jan. 15.

katy perry, instagram, marketing

Looks like Katy Perry has her vote cemented.

The #DemDebate
If you had nothing else to watch on Sunday evening (or you were feeling politically motivated), you may have turned on the Democratic debate. It was promoted by NBC with the hashtag “#DemDebate,” and it worked to market the event across the social network. Instagram influencers ranging from Singer Katy Perry to Comedian George Resch engaged with their followers during and after the event.

Academy Award Nominees
The nominees for the 88th Annual Academy Awards were announced just ahead of the long weekend, giving the social media world plenty of time to generate buzz. However, it quickly took a dark turn when the public recognized the lack of African-American nominees. While publications like Rolling Stone were applauding some of the noms, Instagram influencers and celebrities like Tyrese were shaming the Academy. Now, the hashtag, “#OscarsSoWhite” is all over the Internet – is there really no such thing as bad press?

Instagram Marketing for the NFL
The NFL postseason rolled on this weekend with divisional matchups. Notably, Quarterbacks Peyton Manning and Tom Brady led their teams to victory, meaning they’ll face each other next week in a championship game for a trip the Super Bowl. Some of the brands that got in on the Instagram marketing action during the games include Bud Light, ESPN and Verizon. Popular hashtags included “#NFLplayoffs” and game-specific ones, such as “#KCvsNE.”

Although winter is the time of year when most of us like to stay indoors and cuddle, the world keeps turning. Inevitably, there’s always something worth chatting about on Instagram, even in the dead of winter. For this reason, there’s never a bad season to put your Instagram marketing efforts to the test.

The Weekend Wrap-up: Football, Golden Globes and Instagram Marketing Galore!

instagram marketing, instagram influencers, katy perry

If you’re a huge football fan or an entertainment guru, it was a big weekend for you. The NFL playoffs kicked off with four Wild Card games, and the Golden Globes stole the show on Sunday night with stars ranging from Lady Gaga to Leonardo DiCaprio. Were you completely engulfed in acceptance speeches and scoreboards? Here is what happened in the world of Instagram marketing over the weekend of January 8th.

Instagram Influencers Swooned over Golden Globes
Those shiny trophies gave Instagram influencers and brands alike plenty to talk about with their audiences. Cover Girl, for example, posted an image of Katy Perry receiving the glam treatment for the award show. The brand used the chance to market some of its products, such as its Plumpify Mascara, and it seems like followers didn’t mind the plugs – one post received more than 10,000 “Likes.” Maybelline, BCBG, and Louis Vuitton were some of the others that posted throughout the award show to cash in on the Instagram marketing opportunity.

Fans Cheered on the Wild Card Round
instagram marketing, instagram influencer, doritos
The NFL playoffs began this weekend with matchups involving the Cincinnati Bengals, Green Bay Packers, Washington Redskins, Houston Texans, Kansas City Chiefs, Seattle Seahawks, Pittsburgh Steelers and Minnesota Vikings. It was heaven for brands with Instagram-using, football-loving target audiences. Doritos, for example, spent all weekend promoting its “Crash the Super Bowl” contest, reeling in thousands of “Likes.” New Era, the hat producer, posted a timely image of a Seahawks cap following their win, attracting more than 6,000 “Likes.” Sports fans were the easiest Instagram users to resonate with over the weekend.

Electronics Reigned Supreme
The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas wrapped up this weekend, and it had Instagram influencers and gadget lovers buzzing. Singer Christina Milian made an appearance with Rick Ross, and she posted about it to the tune of 18,000 “Likes.” International Cosplayer Stella Chuu also posted throughout CES to tell her fans about all of the fun she was having. Then, of course, there were the Fitbits and Oculuses of the world that reeled in traffic with “#CES” tagged posts throughout the event.

As we look ahead to the rest of award show season and postseason football, think of it this way – you’ll have more opportunities for Instagram marketing if you missed this weekend. Start planning now to put your best foot forward in January.

How Instagram Influencers Embrace the MLB Postseason

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Once October rolls around, sports fans are eager to leap on the bandwagon of a postseason baseball team, and this year is no different. Oct. 6 marked the beginning of the MLB playoffs with the New York Yankees vs. Houston Astros in the first Wildcard game of the postseason (Spoiler: It didn’t end well for the Pinstripes). There’s no better time than now to look at how Instagram influencers are getting followers revved up for all things World Series.

mlb, baseball, influencer, instagramDoing It MLB Style
Leading the way in terms of advertising the playoffs is the MLB, and it’s doing so with sharp, vivid photos of both games and players. In terms of hashtags, MLB was using “#Wildcard” to promote last night’s game, but this will likely change (into a more timely one) as the postseason progresses. To cover all of its bases, MLB also used “#postseason,” which should ideally drive baseball fans looking to keep up with the playoffs. Judging by this photo with more than 54,000 “Likes,” it’s working well so far.

‘Presented by Budweiser’
Sports influencers aren’t the only ones getting in on the excitement on Instagram. In fact, many of the posts by MLB on Instagram have included the phrase, “presented by @budweiser,” indicating the brewer’s sponsorship of the postseason. Interestingly enough, Budweiser’s Instagram page is still showcasing the same old American pride-type of posts, rather than ones about baseball. Maybe it’s still coming?

#Postseason Conversation
There seems to be a wide range of Instagram influencers taking advantage of the hashtag, “#Postseason,” which is good news for MLB and its promotion. Wilson, the baseball glove manufacturer, is using the hashtag to support the games and players who utilize its products. Separate franchises that made it into the playoffs (e.g., Blue Jays, Royals) are pumping up their cities and fans for the excitement to come. And, of course, big money networks like FOX are promoting the postseason and the fans that tune in to watch the games.

However, you don’t need to be affiliated with Major League Baseball or one of its franchises to get in on the action. As long as you advertise on Instagram with valuable (baseball-related) content, you can join the conversation during this World Series run.

How Does the NFL Successfully Advertise on Instagram? [INTERVIEW]


When it comes to sports, the NFL reigns supreme. Football is everywhere, and the NFL has proven that it knows how to successfully advertise on Instagram. With more than 4.1 million followers on its account, you can rely on the NFL to bring you the latest professional football news on this social media platform.

But what goes into making the perfect Instagram post? We spoke to David Feldman, the director of social content for NFL Media, to find out.

Full Bottle: How does your team approach Instagram and integrate it into its overall social media strategy?

David Feldman: We view Instagram as the medium to showcase our best, most beautiful and important imagery. It’s also a medium to showcase top news items and editorial pieces.

influencer, nfl, football, instagramFB: How has your strategy changed as Instagram has evolved?

DF: We’ve noticed that Instagram has evolved as more than just a place to look at cool images. When being selective with the right piece of content, Instagram can be a powerful source of referral traffic. But it’s very important to not overdo it and remember the true intention of the platform.

FB: What do you consider to be the key to success as an Instagram influencer?

DF: It’s all about fan engagement. If you are producing quality content that fans are liking or commenting on, that’s all you can ask for.

All that being said, it’s not uncommon to see hundreds of thousands of “Likes” on the NFL’s Instagram posts, which all appear to be eye candy. To see exactly what Feldman spoke about with us, visit the NFL’s Instagram page to see images of its biggest stars. In the process, you may just pick up a few tips on how to spruce up your own posts when you advertise on Instagram!

Instagram Influencers Go Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

instagram influencers, sports, pink

October generally brings to mind ghosts, goblins and adorable trick-or-treaters, but Halloween isn’t the only occasion recognized this month. In fact, October has become a relatively pink month over the years, thanks to the efforts of groups like the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

National Breast Cancer Awareness Month has been celebrated for 27 years, and it continues to spread awareness, education and empowerment pertaining to the disease every October. Let’s see how Instagram influencers are using their “people power” for the greater good.

fashion, fashion influencer, instagram influencersIn the Name of Fashion
Fashion influencers and stylists are all about pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and even the smallest boutiques are getting in on the action. The District on Main, a clothing store in Oklahoma, received more than 100 “Likes” on a photo of its stylish pink Lokai bracelets earlier this week. Kailey’s Monogram, an Etsy shop dedicated to personalized accessories, welcomed more than 200 “Likes” on a post promoting pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. These days, it’s fashionable to fight cancer, whether your shop is on Main Street or a website.

Sports and Pink
When the “manliest” of men take the field to participate in hard-hitting sports, pink is not a color that comes to mind – unless it’s October. Thanks to leagues like the NFL, it’s become trendy to wear pink when game day rolls around. However, other sports have caught on to the color as well.

Take a look at what 44 Professional Baseball Gloves, the baseball glove manufacturer, is doing to promote Breast Cancer Awareness Month. One post of a pink glove recently garnered more than 1,500 “Likes” just nine hours after being uploaded. Lacrosse Unlimited, the lacrosse gear manufacturer, reeled in 1,700 “Likes” on an image of pink mesh for sale in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Regardless of how tough you are on the field, you can proudly wear pink in October.

Going Pink and Doing It Right
When you choose to advertise on Instagram for a cause such as breast cancer awareness, you need to prove to your audience that you’re genuine about your promotion. In short, wearing pink just for the sake of it often isn’t enough, especially if you’re selling goods and services.

Dutch Brothers Coffee, a popular coffee shop in Orland, Calif., is one example of a company joining the cause in an authentic way. Recently, the shop took to its Instagram page to advertise its coffee cup promotion. Dutch Brothers is selling pink thermoses for $12, and $5 of each sale will go toward finding a cure.

Whether you’re selling a beverage holder or lacrosse mesh in light of a good cause, the formula for Instagram success is the same – show you care, and then prove that you aren’t just doing it for the hype (even if you get some along the way).



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