Limbo, Limbo – Balance Between Content and Advertising

02.04.2014 by Reed Berglund

Today, our partner Spil Games announced a new targeted video advertising strategy

The premise -“happiness is key.” Cue Pharrell – “Ït might seem crazy what I’m ’bout to say.”

Finally, a thoughtful balance between the consumer’s digital fun and the torture of advertising in their pursuit of “free” entertainment. The balance between content and advertising is the crux of any media company’s business. We want to entertain, but we also need to make sure we pay the bills.

Casual game publishers have historically been egregious offenders of this exchange. “Let’s slap another banner ad below the fold…and we can run a :30 while the game loads.” Their sites end up looking like a Sunday at the Brickyard 400 – cars dashed fender to fender in PENNZOIL and VIAGRA ads.

But Spil games is taking a unique approach. Put the player’s needs first – ENTERTAIN ME. The game publisher is creating a fair value exchange between game time and brand time. They allow the player to forge deep into the game-play before an ad is delivered. And paying close to attention to the type of game-play to time the delivery of the ad.

Bravo! and thank you for making our game experience a little happier. One ad at a time!