Social Hold’Em: Hand 2

A Blog Post from FullBottle CEO, Reed Berglund.

In my first Texas Hold’Em analogy, we were looking at a “final table” of giants from Facebook to Twitter to Google. All of these companies are squaring off against one another – and video + big data are at the center of each bet.

Today, Facebook announced their acquisition of QuickFire Networks. This marks one of many moves the social giant will make to ensure it is THE place content delivery. According to Business Insider, “QuickFire’s technology decreases the amount of bandwidth required to stream videos without causing a dip in video quality.”

Facebook boasts nearly one billion video views per day – on average. This number will continue to increase as the bandwidth issues are addressed in developing nations. We have to credit Zuckerberg – he knows how to play this game!

On the other side of the table sits Twitter and…the Spiegel…I mean Snapdragon! Twitter has been rapidly expanding it’s video capabilities. A recent FAQ Tool confirms the direction the 140 character bird intends to fly – upload video straight to Twitter. No YouTube embeds or externals. ReelSEO provides an excellent breakdown of the Twitter details.

Finally, Mr. Spiegel is ready to play some big hands. Techcrunch reported the ephemeral app closed $485M in funding at a $10B valuation. This would be considered a hunting license – good luck Elmer!