Every article in our weekly round-up is worth reading, but not every article worth reading is in our round-up. These are, though:

  • The big news this week was the public launch of the Creatrs NetworkThe Vergeand literally everyone else, wrote about our program of pairing artists in the Tumblr community with brands seeking original content for their blogs and ad campaigns.
  • The Hollywood Reporter covered our other huge announcement: Fandometrics is now live. Your move, Nielsen ratings.
  • NBC is making it possible to enjoy the Super Bowl even if you don’t have cable. Every commercial will be posted on their Tumblr blog immediately after it airs, ready to be reblogged and shared all over the internet with your snark.
  • Our own David Hayes shared his thoughts on content marketing in 2015 with Bloomberg News and got a very serious reporter to say “snackable” on camera.
  • adage got started on the the difficult work of painting an entirely new generation of individual human beings with the same brush.
  • As the cost of producing video content drops, MediaPost reports more people making their own. And much more money coming from it.

Image via nbcsports