The Hidden Tresure: Long-Tail Influencer Video Campaigns

What defines an influencer? defines it as “any person who is an expert in a particular field that has a niche following interested in his or her advice and opinions.” Thus continues the movement of online influencer marketing that has been taking over the industry over the past several years. But are the tides shifting?

Popular internet sensations are quickly becoming a dime a dozen. By now, we’ve all heard of Jenna Marbles, Michelle Phan, and PewDiePie. Yes, we all know they have a gazillion followers. But how are these YouTube gazillionaires any different than this?

Did you know that according to SocialBlade there are over 1,050 YouTubers with over 1million subscribers? That elite “million” club isn’t so elite anymore. Albeit, the vast majority of the non-traditional celebs that covet their large followings have made quite impressive careers for themselves.

Here’s another question for you. As a marketer or business owner, have you ever tried to contact a celeb YouTuber like Michelle Phan? Well it’s damn near impossible. You may as well give Tom Cruise a jingle. The amount of brands vying for their attention is astronomical, and their fees are stealthily climbing.

While they are more within reach than say, Mr. Top Gun, it’s still incredibly hard to get their attention unless you have a fat wallet. But thankfully, there is a better way to turn your efforts into sales by enlisting the talents of the lesser know species of YouTubers.

Longtail influencers. Never heard of ‘em? Oh yes you have. All of those specialized social videos you love watching that aren’t hugely popular, but hone right in on your target market. These influencers may not have the most subscribers, maybe between 10K-500K, but their fans trust them and are extremely engaged with the content.

A great example is when Bohemian Guitars paired up with popular guitar playing YouTuber Chad Neidt. Chad’s “One Minute Mashups” have been featured on The Today Show and in the Huffington Post, among many others. With over 67K subscribers, he was the perfect longtail pairing for Bohemian Guitars. Together, they created a great video that appeals to both of their audiences and has garnered almost 100K views. Check it out here:


What’s missing from this Bohemian Guitar campaign? Additional Social Video outlets such as Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram and of course Vine.  Music is one of the most popular categories of content on any social platform and both labels and media companies are definitely becoming more aware.

Here’s how iHeartMedia helped spread the message about #MusicInTheMorning on a recent campaign:

Another example is Universal Music Group.  Remember Now That’s Music compilation albums that replaced mix-tapes back in the day?  Well the franchise is still going strong. For their 53rd album release (yes! 53!!!) they worked with long tail influencers across Vine, Twitter and Instagram to create music related content.

Videos like this one from the “too hot” Miuccio Brothers garnered over 1M views and helped propel the album to #1 on the Billboard Music charts!

People watch videos from influencers like The Miuccio Brothers with smaller followings because the content is usually more relatable.  And while a celebrity influencer with 5M subscribers may give your brand more exposure, the more highly engaged audiences are more likely to turn into actual sales.  Case in point: Now That’s Music Vol. 53.

Another major benefit of using long tail influencers for your brand’s social video is the lower cost. Combine the lower cost with a more engaged audience and an advertiser can start to see more efficient and effective campaigns; without sacrificing reach.

We will dive into data from two campaigns next Thursday and put a spotlight on the efficiency achieved when long tail influencers are leveraged instead of the super celebrities of social media.