Love Is In the Air

By Alison Lukin

It’s Valentine’s Day again. We all seem to have a love/hate relationship with this bewitching holiday. Whether you’re attached or flying solo, doesn’t the grass always seem greener?

Well, before we jump in, how about this lucky teacher?  One of her students hired a quartet to come sing to her today!  And the action was caught on Vine:

Not everyone can be that lucky.

Are you single? You either sit home alone fantasizing about all the happy couples soaking up the love (which is kind of an exaggeration of reality anyway;). Or partying with your other single compadres livin’ up the single life (a way better option)!

In a relationship? Oh the pressures of finding the perfect gift/restaurant/expression of love! What an unnecessary amount of pressure?! Simply show your love throughout the year and throw in a little extra on V-Day. Sounds easy.

Does anyone really celebrate this silly day, anyway? You’d better believe they do. According to Eater, Americans will spend a whopping $18.9 billion dollars on Valentines Day in 2015! We will purchase:

-58 million pounds of chocolate
-In 36 million heart-shaped boxes
-AND spend $8.6 million dollars on wine!

If you’re not the standard chocolate and roses type, there are plenty of creative ways to woo your sweetie. And there’s only one place to go for such inspiration.

Social media! It’s no surprise that social media has become our new #1 source of ideas for the big day of love. Crowdtap did a survey and found that social media continues to influence shoppers at Valentines Day at the increasing rate of 25% per year. Even more so, 68% of those surveyed said that they look to friends on social media for gift ideas.


Which social media platform had the largest influence? You guessed it. Facebook.

Not only are we comparing notes with our peers for what to buy, but those ever-popular online influencers are at it again. The megastar YouTuber Michelle Phan has posted her thoughts on unique Valentine’s Day gifts. And the beauty Carli Bybel has your smokey-eye tutorial ready to go. Chef Hannah Hart has several Valentine’s Day videos on her channel ranging from easy recipes to affordable gift ideas. Want to DIY a crafty concoction? Your favorite Pinterest celebs will have you wielding your glue gun in no time.

What could a website that dishes out 6 second videos have to offer for Valentine’s Day? A ton! Vine content creators go all out creating #Valenvines and are doing their best to top their creations from last year. Brands like Samsung, Welsh’s, and even MLB are creating cute clips that have massive appeal.

So what are you waiting for? The clock is ticking! Log on, cozy up to your favorite platform and get creative. No pressure;)