How Forever 21 Embraces Millennial Culture for Instagram Marketing [Interview]

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Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be an Instagram influencer with millions of followers and a top retailer at the same time? We had a chance to speak to Forever 21 about just that. Here is our interview with the clothing retailer, which has truly taken Instagram marketing to the next level.

Fullbottle: How does your team approach Instagram and integrate it into its overall social media strategy?

forever21, clothing, instagram marketingForever 21: Instagram is Forever 21’s fastest growing channel and is the lifestyle-oriented representation of the brand. Forever 21 looks at Instagram as a source of inspiration and as a visual platform from our brand to our millennial audience.

FB: How has your strategy changed as Instagram has evolved?

F21: Forever 21 has taken a global approach to Instagram. We have increased posting cadence to hit every market and continue to optimize content based on engagement. Our strategy has evolved to ensure that we stay in line with the interest of our millennial customer.

FB: Do you have any statistics you can share on your Instagram ROI?

F21: Forever 21 does not share proprietary information, but we have utilized Curalate’s Like2Buy service as a way to turn a branding platform into a branding and revenue driving platform.

FB: What do you consider to be the key to success as an Instagram influencer?

F21: Forever 21 looks at influencers in two ways: influencers who can drive reach of our marketing message and influencers who create quality branded content. We measure success by post performance and engagement. Instagram influencers who understand how to flex between these two objectives are typically ideal influencers for us to work with.

To see how Forever 21 executes its Instagram marketing strategy, visit its profile on Instagram – @forever21.

An Instagram Influencer’s Guide to the Fall 2015 Apple Event

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The Verge is already using the hashtag #iPhone6S.

It’s September, which means Apple lovers everywhere are waiting with bated breath for the latest and greatest devices from the California tech company. Today, Tim Cook will lead Apple in its annual fall event, beginning at 10 a.m. PT at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco. Of course, if you can’t be there in person, watching it live online is the next best thing — but what does this all mean for influencers out there?

The tech world will undoubtedly be buzzing about Apple’s product releases on social media, whether they include a new iPhone or iPad. However, everyone from the casual consumer to the gadget-savvy businessman will be interested in what Apple has to say.

What To Look For: Before and After
Before Cook hits the stage, there will be plenty of influencers chatting about Apple’s potential releases across Instagram. Some tech influencers already talking about the event on Instagram include TechCrunch, Engadget and The Next Web. A few of the popular hashtags being used across the social network are #AppleEvent, #Apple and even #SanFrancisco (Sorry, locals! Apple is taking over your city today).

However, the conversation will likely continue long after the event is over. Influencers, including The Verge, are already making posts using #iPhone6S, which is expected to be the latest Apple phone model unveiled at the event. Depending on what else is revealed by Cook and Co., you may see hashtags such as #AppleTV and #iPad take over social networks ranging from Instagram to Twitter.

Getting Into It
You don’t necessarily need to be a fan of all things Apple to participate in the social media frenzy that happens after the company makes its announcements. Whether you’re outraged about the price of the new iPhone or the display of the latest iPad, you can talk about it with other influencers on Instagram through the simple use of hashtags.

Instagram will also help you bring the San Francisco event to life, even if you aren’t there to see it. Photos and videos are bound to take over social media once all is said and done. Staying logged in before and after the event will give you an opportunity to participate in the tech world’s conversation.

Regardless of your opinion on Apple, you can’t deny the company’s uncanny ability to bring consumers together across the Web. Who says you need a water cooler to gather around and share your insight with the world?

The Weekend Wrap-Up: Labor Day Goes on Holiday

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Hollister is already welcoming fall.

Labor Day marks the unofficial end of summer, but you couldn’t tell by looking at Instagram influencer posts over the weekend of Sept. 7. While there were plenty of beach and poolside photos to be found, not everyone was focused on saying farewell to summer. Let’s take a look at the top three trends that dominated Instagram over the long weekend.

  1. College football
    Yes, it’s back. To be more exact, it’s been back since Sept. 3, but it was just in time to dominate Instagram on Labor Day weekend. For this reason, organizations such as the NCAA (43.3K followers) and ESPN CFB (167K followers) have been getting plenty of traction on their pages as of late. Hashtags ranging from the general #collegefootball to #RollTide have been all over Instagram as everyone heads back to class – and the playing field.
  2. Star Wars
    The latest film installment isn’t slated to hit theaters until December, but that doesn’t mean that people can’t get excited. In fact, that’s just what they did over the weekend, and the release of a little robot known as BB-8 helped. It was a good weekend to be a tech influencer, like TechCrunch (123K followers) or Engadget (66.2K followers), who could attract #bb8 searchers who wanted to see what the little Star Wars bot was all about. A slew of videos on Instagram are showing just how far remote-controlled toys have come.
  3. Fall
    You can thank all of your fashion-minded friends for this one. A leading hashtag over the long weekend was #fall, and it’s no surprise, as Labor Day marks the unofficial end of summer. A quick search of the hashtag on Instagram does not reveal pumpkin spiced lattes, but rather models in long sweaters. Brands including Hollister (2.7M followers) and Lulu (463K followers) are already showing off their fall lines, and magazines like Elle (992K followers) have been posting about trends for weeks.

Whether you were posting about sweater weather or how badly you want to buy a BB-8, you likely saw the “likes” flood in over the weekend. That being said, what are you looking forward to now that Labor Day weekend has come and gone? Just because summer is winding down doesn’t mean your Instagram traffic has to do the same.


On episode 5 of #vine tips – listen to @GingerWLavender tell us about the importance of being original. Great tips for up and coming creators.

6 Social Media Tips for Advertisers in 2015

Check out detailed information about these tips by reading this blog.

#1: Build a Community Rather Than a Number of Followers
#2: Create Powerful Social Media Movements Across all Social Channels
#3: Experiment with Facebook Advertisements
#4: Host or participate in Twitter chats
#5: Discover influencers that are specific to your industry 
#6: Share trending content

Working with influencers is easy, fun and effective. See the results for yourself; here’s video about a music campaign that was aiming to reach teens and young adults.


Featuring the talented Eh Bee family today.  Always impressed with the stories this team can tell in 6-seconds.  Can hardly tell the difference when their Vines are for advertisers.


Featuring the talented Eh Bee family today.  Always impressed with the stories this team can tell in 6-seconds.

Creators to promote Paddington release

From on DECEMBER 3, 2014

Om Nom and Paddington — BFFs?

The characters from Cut the Rope puzzle video game and Weinstein Company film will see their worlds merge in an ad campaign that’s rolling out ahead of the U.S. release of Paddington. As part of the digital promo, influencer-produced videos will appear on Vine and Instagram to drive downloads of the mobile app and support the release of the film.cuttheropepaddington-394x222

The deal with the viners was arranged by FullBottle, a San Francisco-based media company that pairs brands with online creators. The viners participating in the project are Brittlestar, Daniel Ojanlatva and Andrew David who are creating one video each.

“Some are artistic, others are comedic sketches,” says Eric Wachs, VP of marketing at FullBottle.

Some videos, like this one from animator Ojanlatva, show Paddington the bear joining Om Nom in the holiday version of the Cut the Rope app, launching Dec. 5. Others will play on the themes of the film, like a father showing the mischief his song gets him into when he’s hanging out with Paddington, Wachs explains.

The overarching theme of friendship helped FullBottle with its search for the right influencer partners, whom the team find by using an algorithm that sifts through tags, keywords and audience comments to find the right partners for brands.

“The influencers will be promoting not just the app to drive downloads, but also they’ll be creating short micro-videos to promote the film itself. It’s a duel-pronged approach,” says Wachs.

This is the first time a sponsored character makes an appearance in ZeptoLab’s Cut the Rope game. The film, which has already debuted in the U.K., comes out in January in the U.S.



Vine – Performance Enhancers

13.05.2014 by Reed Berglund

“Influencer” marketing (it hurts to type). Another wonderful catch phrase in the business of digital marketing. Nevertheless, it refers to a very powerful form of marketing that is often overlooked. The definition, according to the business dictionary: individuals who have the power to affect purchase decisions of others because of their (real or perceived) authority, knowledge, position, or relationship. So how does a brand unleash the power of Influencers? Simple (haaaaa), find passionate advocates and co-create with them.

But the process of finding relevant “influencers” is time consuming and difficult to scale. The most challenging task is to assess the value of conversations/exchanges happening within each platform. Take Vine for example – Viners have generated a flurry of attention because of the explosive growth of their audience. But there is more than meets the eye when you attempt to assess the value of “growth.” Whether you analyze followers, likes, or revines it’s all a bit muddy.

Kris762 – added 60k+ followers in the last thirty days.

Christian Delgrosso’s Following Spree

Follow Back Friday

In any market, there is often an under belly (Cue Chappelle). Such is the case with Vine. Here are some options to “PUMP YOU UP” on Vine: – buy revines or likes $27 buys us 2500 likes or followers, $68 buys us 5000 revines – buy followers $15 and voila we have 2000 followers by tomorrow – or simply go big for the “revine you to 200k with Zak”

Social inflation? Or perhaps we’ve entered a state of hyperinflation?

Despite all of this subterfuge Vine is an amazing platform. Because you will find real talent that can influence their peers in a positive manner.

Pinto – master of Vineography

Happy Vining!