Photo or Video: Which is Best for Your Instagram Marketing Campaign?


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When it comes to creating an effective Instagram marketing campaign, using both videos and photos can give you the best shot at resonating with your followers. However, we did a little digging to find out if one type of media has leverage over the other. Here are some stats stats we found in our pool of data, which may have you tweaking your Instagram advertising strategy.

Out of 132,000 Instagram posts, the average “Like” rates for photos and video were 2.9 percent and 3.0 percent, respectively. In short, the difference is relatively small, showing that Instagram users may actually just “like” a little bit of everything when they log in.

About 88 percent of posts we analyzed were photos. Furthermore, every Instagram influencer we looked at had at least one image post. Out of 156 influencers, 23 percent had no video posts. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t include these assets in your own Instagram marketing campaign – especially when the engagement and “Likes” averages were neck-and-neck.

As a brand, it’s critical to trust Instagram influencers who know their audience, as well as what drives engagement. Under a performance pricing model, influencers have the incentive to upload posts that resonate with their audience and encourage activity. Furthermore, they only pay for posts that encourage interaction, meaning influencers need to know their followers in order to tap into their Instagram habits.

By trusting influencers and their expertise, you can make strides with their Instagram marketing campaigns, regardless of whether you use photos or videos to promote your brand.

This data was collected on Oct. 15, 2015. A total of 681 influencers were analyzed, along with 132,370 posts across Instagram.