Football Game VS Ads. Why Will You Be Watching This Sunday?

By Alison Lukin

Making it to the Super Bowl is undeniably the biggest gamechanger in a professional football player’s career. But just like those
players, snagging a coveted Super Bowl commercial spot is the most coveted
accomplishment in the marketing world.

Not only is the competition brutal, the price tag is steep.
This year, that brief snippet of time will cost an astronomical $4.5 million
dollars. That’s not including production costs to keep your commercial on par
with all the other Hollywood productions that will air.

While it’s almost guaranteed your company will gain upwards
of 100 million new consumers, there is no guarantee that even the best
intentions will gain your business positive press. Who can forget the “Just For
Feet” commercial of 1999
? Humiliating.


With such little commercial time available and $4.5 million
at stake, should companies even bother to aspire to such heights? Yes! The football field isn’t the only place
for game changers.

The culture of TV watching is changing. Big time! According
to Business Insider
cable and broadband TV subscriptions are dropping by the millions every year. With
the ability to stream live on the internet, former cable customers find
themselves only in need of broadband internet.

It’s also no secret that people are on their mobile devices
infinitely more during the day than they are sitting on their couches in front
of the TV. What does this mean for the Super Bowl? A heck of a lot.

The viewing options this year are too many to list. NBC
alone is offering 10 hours of live stream programming on,, and This opens up the door for so many
more advertisers to have an opportunity to reach viewers.


Think social media is getting in on the game? You thought
correctly. According to

Announced last Thursday, NBC Sports
Group will present its most comprehensive social media campaign ever to promote
NBC’s coverage of Super Bowl XLIX, including around-the-clock coverage across
all of NBC Sports’ social media platforms.”

will have virtually every inch of social media covered with pages on TUMBLR,
Facebook, Twitter (#MYSUPERBOWLPICK), Instagram, Vine, and Pinterest. And there
will be ads galore! But this is where the smart companies advertise. Not only
does this adspace NOT hold the hefty price tag, but the style of advertising is
completely different. It’s low budget, and that’s how we like it.

ads won’t feature Hollywood actors, but the biggest stars on the internet, who
have larger followings anyway. They won’t be over-produced 30-second commercial
spots; they’ll be hysterical 6 second Vine videos that will make you shoot beer
out of your nose (well, maybe not that part;).

is all this advertising too much? Don’t we want to just be serious and watch
the game? The folks at say, not so! They conducted
a survey that clearly shows a large portion of the Super Bowl audience cites
the ads as being their primary reason for tuning in.


And what about social media? Surely all we want to do is
stalk our Twitter feed in peace?! Wrong again. Not only are viewers looking
forward to the ads, but we also want to share them! We’re just dying to be the
first ones to find the funniest ad and have a hand in making it go viral.

We couldn’t resist, here’s a rundown of the top-10 Super Bowl Ads of all time. Will an ad from this year’s game crack this list next year?