David and Goliath – Aereo goes to the Supreme Court

06.05.2014 by Reed Berglund

Aereo Antenna

Imagine a TV antenna the size of a dime. Got that image? Enter Aereo. A subscription service that streams television- aka David. The major media companies (Goliath) are clamoring to shut this company down. Or perhaps set the stage for a wonderful acquisition price. Nevertheless, it’s a dilemma that major media companies will have to get familiar with.

The Supreme Court is listening to arguments from both sides about the possible violation of copyrights.

What does this mean? Well for starters, imagine a world where content creators don’t have to go to the big three for distribution of their content. The “free” market is slowly starting to work…√≠sh. The number of cord cutters will expand as distribution of content becomes democratized. But this also means that the volume, or noise, in the ears of consumers. Content will become more of a commodity than ever before.