Should You Use Snapchat’s Advertising Capabilities – Or Use Influencer Marketing to Create Unforgettable Brand Experiences?



Snapchat is one of the hottest and fastest growing social video platforms for brands today. In January, the company added its Discover feature set which was designed to give brands the chance to connect with consumers. With a young and active audience of users in the 13 – 34 category, Snapchat is a natural fit for companies seeking to develop traction with these groups. Other advertising opportunities have emerged recently on the platform. In fact, VentureBeat Insight estimates that the mobile video advertising space is currently worth around $51 billion per year and poised to rise to $105 billion by 2019. But brands that are developing social video strategies and micro video strategies need to ask: is advertising the best way to build their brand’s presence on social networks?

Are Snapchat’s New Advertising Products a Good Investment for Brands?

Brands advertise because it’s the most obvious choice for raising public awareness and driving sales of a new product. But the challenges arise when you look at how different audience segments react to advertising – especially Centennials and Millennials. The truth is that every age group is inundated with advertising in the form of banner ads online, commercials on TV, and billboards in our public space. Advertising has often simply become white noise that at best we ignore and at worst fosters negative brand sentiment because audiences resent the intrusion. Advertising has a place – but it needs to be a strategic part of a brand’s media mix.

Snapchat’s latest product is 3V: Vertical, Video, Views. 3V represents a major stake in the ground for the network as they move into video advertising. Brand content will appear as either sponsored or curated content, with different options available through Discover, fan-driven Live Stories, and geographic targeting options. But before brands go all in with big investments in Snapchat advertising it’s important to ask: is this the right medium to reach your desired customers and create something memorable for your brand?

An Alternative: Working with Influencers
The challenge with the social video space as it picks up steam is that more brands are battling it out for viewer attention. It’s a common problem in every platform and content format as they evolve. But the underlying question is how a brand wants to ride that wave and position themselves to stand out. Users are standing up and taking notice of companies that are doing innovative content creation that focuses on the user experience.

Snapchat as a network has a light, fun, and highly viral tone. Think about how content works on the site. Snapchat stories and posts last for 24 hours and then they disappear. As a result, if a user sees something that they like and want to share it with friends, they have to take a screen capture and share it that way. Interesting content gets users connecting and talking with their friends. This kind of buzz can make a tremendous impact on reaching brand and campaign goals.

Influencer Marketing on Snapchat

If you’re interested in growing your following on Snapchat, but are looking for a more authentic expression of your brand’s messaging, then influencer marketing could be the way to go. Here are some major takeaways in deciding whether influencer marketing is right for you:

You want to move beyond advertising: Advertising can be a great vehicle for raising brand awareness. But it can be difficult to use it as a relationship building vehicle. If you’re interested in cultivating deeper relationships with your audience or establishing a successful long-term Snapchat presence, influencer marketing can help.

Your brand values include authenticity: Influencer marketing campaigns have a more organic feel than most advertising campaigns. As a result, audiences respond in a different way and companies are able to leverage that into warmer relationships and positive connections. Authenticity and organic development both matter on Snapchat.

You want more creative range: One of the biggest benefits of influencer marketing campaigns is the ability to tap into the creative vision of different content creators. Creativity and fun is a big part of the Snapchat experience. It can be hard to craft that in a natural way as a brand. Working with content creators allows you to leverage their existing style and relationship with their audience to develop content that will resonate with your audience and translate into strong brand experiences.

You need an experienced partner: Working with a knowledgeable agency such as fullbottle will ensure that you get the most out of your influencer marketing campaign. The fullbottle team understands the Snapchat platform and how to select influencers, craft content, and handle distribution to deploy campaigns for maximum impact.

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