‘Paranormal Activity’ Isn’t Afraid to Try New Instagram Advertising Techniques

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Love it or hate it, the “Paranormal Activity” movie franchise is about to come to an end on Oct. 23 with the debut of the final installment, “Ghost Dimension.” This time, a new family is being featured – the Fleeges – who have moved into the home of Katie and Kristi Featherson (the original demon-attracting protagonists) in time for Christmas in 2013. Story aside, this movie franchise has been all about scaring up some profits without spending big bucks on production, and it’s Instagram marketing campaign is a part of its strategy.

Instagram Advertising and Cross Promotion
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Cross promotion is essential to driving engagement across the Web. “Paranormal Activity” is already integrating it into its Instagram marketing campaign through posts that incorporate Snapchat. This update, for example, encouraged followers to check out the movie’s Snapchat on “the witching hour” for a spooky surprise. The mysteriousness lured Instagram users over to Snapchat for more “Paranormal Activity” hype.

Instagram Marketing with Video
Video isn’t always the best option for Instagram posts, but it’s a must if you’re promoting a blockbuster film. This is specifically because movie-loving followers are going to be on the hunt for sneak peeks and previews. “Paranormal Activity” has made a series of video posts as of late, leading up to its nationwide release.

The Strategic Use of Hashtags
“Paranormal Activity” has utilized a wide range of hashtags over the past few weeks to promote its new movie. Most notably, “#ShareYourScare” has encouraged followers to share their most terrifying paranormal moments. However, the Instagram marketing campaign has seemingly shifted to using just “#ParanormalActivity” and generic hashtags (e.g., #Horror, #Movie) as of late. Attempting to cash in on a basic, widely used hashtag like “#movie” can be a gamble, but it might be worth it for “Paranormal Activity,” which has just 12K followers on Instagram.

By no means is the “Paranormal Activity” franchise Instagram page a gigantic influencer, but it certainly seems to have a creative Instagram advertising team behind it. For this reason, it’s one of the more intriguing profiles to follow, especially if you want to learn what does – and doesn’t – pay off in terms of marketing.


6 Ways to Attract Millennials Through Instagram Advertising

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The majority of Instagram users – 37 percent – are between 18 and 29 years old. This means that in order for you to leverage your Instagram advertising efforts, you need to ensure that you’re appealing to young adults. Millennials, in particular, reign supreme across the social networking platform. Here are six tips for tapping into their interests, grabbing their attention, and keeping it on your page.

1. Keep Your Posts Organic and Authentic

instagram advertising, influencer, marketing, advertising, instagramMillennials are quick to catch on to anything that feels phony, which means that your brand may do better in terms of Instagram advertising by keeping it real. Make your posts relatable to your audience, and try to avoid overtly promoting your name. The more tactfully you market your brand, the better.

2. Make Sure It’s Trendy

instagram advertising, influencer, marketing, advertising, instagramAbout 50 percent of comments are posted within the first six hours that a photo is uploaded onto Instagram. This means that users (like Millennials) are ready and waiting for you to post on the platform. Because Instagrammers are virtually always logged in, it’s important to keep your posts timely and trendy. This gives you the best shot at attracting an audience.

3. Opt for Photos over Video

instagram advertising, influencer, marketing, advertising, instagramThere are a couple of reasons why it’s better to opt for photos over video on Instagram. For starters, all videos on Instagram automatically play without audio, which somewhat limits marketers. Second, photos typically require less bandwidth to load, and they are more scroll-friendly for users. Given that Millennials now have an attention span of eight seconds (which is less than a goldfish), photos may be a safer bet than video.

4. Don’t Rule Out a Giveaway Contest

instagram advertising, influencer, marketing, advertising, instagramThese days, many influencers immersed in Instagram advertising will hold some type of contest, and for good reason. Instagram contests can boost engagement and exposure for any brand. Furthermore, you don’t need to splurge on a grand prize (although it could help increase your number of entries). If you’re an influencer with a large following, you could simply offer to mention the winner on your account and drive traffic to his or her page.

5. Make Your Hashtags Creative

instagram advertising, instagram, advertising, fashion, marketingHashtags can give you a sense of direction with your Instagram advertising strategy by indicating what’s trending. However, using creative hashtags of your own can also promote your brand. Forever21, the clothing retailer, encourages users to utilize “#forever21xme” for a chance to be reposted on its page. In terms of Instagram advertising, the company gets major traction for using its brand name within the hashtag itself.

6. Don’t Be Afraid of Cross Promotion

instagram advertising, influencer, marketing, advertising, instagramJust because you use Instagram advertising doesn’t mean you can’t extend onto other social networks, too. Take the “Maze Runner” movie campaign, for example. Scotty Sire, who is primarily known for his videos on Vine, promoted the “Scorch Trials” film on his Instagram page, encouraging users to contact him on Snapchat. His post received more than 15,000 “Likes,” showing how easily cross-promotion can help you spread the word about your brand.

Whether you primarily target young adults or a different age group with your Instagram advertising, it’s hard to ignore the prominence of Millennials. If you’re willing to craft your strategy around these savvy social networkers, your efforts will likely pay off. With 150 million active users and 1000 comments posted every second, there’s no doubt that Instagram is a marketing gold mine.


Weekend Wrap-Up: Chilly Weather Inspires Influencers to Advertise on Instagram

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If you advertise on Instagram, you likely already have an idea of what was trending over the weekend of Oct. 16. As temperatures plunged across the country, many Instagram influencers were posting about the bitter weather. However, Mother Nature wasn’t the only star – let’s take a look at what else has been trending.

boots, instagram, fashion, influencers, fall
Sweaters, move over! There’s a new fashion trend on Instagram right now, and it’s boots. The hashtag, #boots, has been used on more than seven million posts across the social network. Over the weekend, apparel retailers including River Island (1.1M followers) and Aldo Shoes (539K followers) were posting photos of warm footwear to entice followers. Additionally, fashion influencers like Jean Wang and Ashley Robertson were also showing off their stylish booties.

Pats Nation Reigns Supreme
It wouldn’t be Monday without a little football recap, courtesy of Instagram. After their victory over the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday night, the New England Patriots overran Instagram with “#patsnation” – but it wasn’t just brewers and snack vendors who took advantage of the advertising opportunity. Cover Girl, for instance, posted an image of game-inspired manicures that reeled in more than 7,000 “Likes.” Bose, the sound innovator that notably works with the NFL, uploaded a picture of its own just in time for kickoff.

Baby, It’s Cold Outside
Believe it or not, “#freezing” was one of the most popular hashtags of the weekend, but maybe you knew that if you stepped outside. Everyone from FOX News’ Jedediah Bila to Championship Fighter Paul Malignaggi was posting about the frigid temperatures that swept across the country. However, that didn’t stop fashion influencers like Model Arti Ani from uploading images of chic outerwear in the elements.

If you didn’t get a chance to enjoy the autumn weather over the weekend, there’s still plenty of time to feel the chill. Doing so may inspire you to post Instagram photos that catch the attention of your fall-loving followers.


3 Instagram Fashion Influencers Who Have Stayed On-Point This Fall

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As autumn rolls on, it’s worth taking a step back and looking at how fashion influencers are using the opportunity to advertise on Instagram. Fall is synonymous with change, meaning that there are plenty of new styles to discuss at any given moment. Let’s see how some of Instagram’s most popular fashion influencers are driving the conversation.

Forever21, the retailer dedicated to keeping young adults stylish, has been all about fall fashion. The company began uploading autumn-inspired Instagram photos well before the leaves started turning, and it hasn’t slowed down. If you log onto its page, you’ll see posts of women wearing warm, knee-high boots and men in puffy parkas (not too early to start thinking about winter!). However, it’s also worth noting that Forever21 has been posting photos of fashion influencers that inspire the company, showing a little love across the social platform.

American Eagle
It’s sweater weather, and American Eagle is all about advertising it on Instagram. The savvy clothing retailer has been posting photos of its comfortable fall wear throughout the month, and its photos are getting thousands of “Likes” along the way. American Eagle owns its simplistic style with confidence – no huge logos or bold colors – and its target audience embraces its confidence with every season’s new line of clothing.

h&m, instagram, influencers, marketers, clothingOn Instagram, H&M has been focused on keeping its high-end, model-inspired brand on point. Go to its page and you’ll find photos (some of which are reposts) of Instagram influencers and fashionistas looking their best in chic, fall clothing. However, the clothing retailer has also been uploading pictures of specific items – pants, shoes, jackets – to give its buyers ideas for creating the perfect outfit. It’s easy to feel a little out of place as you browse through the reposts of models, but you can gain confidence with these create-an-outfit photos from H&M.

By simply looking at these three clothing companies, it’s easy to spot a few trends. First, it’s critical to maintain confidence in your brand and style – it rubs off on your audience. Next, it’s worth making style suggestions. Not only does this establish your company as an industry leader, but it acknowledges the desires of your target audience. Finally, reposts are an easy way to stay on the same page as fashion influencers across Instagram and show some love.

As the seasons change, don’t be left behind – timeliness and trendiness are the name of the game when you’re a fashion influencer.


Which Instagram Influencers Turned Out for the Democratic Debate?

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Instagram influencers had plenty to chat about on Tuesday night when the Democratic Party’s Presidential hopefuls hit the stage for their first televised debate. On CNN, the public finally had a chance to see Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Lincoln Chafee, Jim Webb and Martin O’Malley make a case for why they should be the next President of the United States. Now here’s the real question – was anyone listening?

politico, politics, instagram, marketing, influencer#DemDebate Takes a Front Seat
CNN was quick to display the hashtag, “#DemDebate,” on the screen as soon as it went on the air. This gave the public a single, official hashtag to use across all social media platforms to converse during the event. Once again, we saw the power of the hashtag. By creating an official hashtag, CNN not only encouraged the public to discuss the debate, but took control of its own social media advertising efforts.

Politics at Work on Instagram
Needless to say, there were several politicians, publications and news sites that hopped on the opportunity to advertise on Instagram in honor of the debate. Hillary Clinton, who arguably won the debate, was ready to go before she hit the podium. CNN, which hosted the debate, had been uploading posts about all of the candidates hours prior to the event as well.

But let’s not forget about others who have special interests embedded within the 2016 presidential race. Politico, the politics news site, made hashtags out of every candidate’s name for its Instagram posts. S.E. Cupp, the political columnist, started a discussion of her own with “#cnndebate” on her Instagram page. Even CBS News tried to pump up its audience for the event with a photo from the audience’s point of view.

‘Oh, I Was Watching, Too!’
Just because you aren’t involved in the political landscape as an Instagram influencer doesn’t mean you can’t participate in these types of social conversations. Take Actress Crystal Reed, for instance. The young starlet posted an image of Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton shaking hands at the debate, which raked in more than 24,000 “Likes.” Actor and “Limitless” Star Hill Harper also made a post about the debate, encouraging viewers to DVR his new show if they were glued to CNN.

As you might have already figured out, there are no restrictions when it comes to participating in the social media buzz. Whether you’re an actor or a news publication, the window of opportunity is always open – assuming you use a relevant hashtag!


Which Instagram Influencers Checked into the ‘American Horror Story’ Hotel?


Oct. 7 marked the premiere of the fifth season of “American Horror Story,” the macabre creation of Ryan Murphy that gives television viewers a dose of freight every fall. However, the FX series received a gift this season when Singer Lady Gaga announced that she would take on a leading role. Let’s see what Instagram influencers were talking about before, during and after the premiere of “American Horror Story,” which is set in a fictional, death-filled hotel.

Kicking Off the Conversation
It helps to use a few hashtags when you’re trying to generate a buzz, whether it’s around a television show, sporting event or a social outing. For the premiere, the “American Horror Story” Instagram page made a series of posts using “#AHSHotel” and “#AHS” to get people talking. When the official creators, sponsors of affiliates of a social media event use a select few hashtags, it’s worth doing the same to stay within the loop.

ahs, american horror story, influencers, instagramReposts FTW
“American Horror Story” fans are proud to be viewers of the creeptastic show, and its creators are always thankful for their support. In a big display, the “American Horror Story” Instagram page reposted a slew of posts from across the social network, showing how fans celebrating the premiere. Reposting not only shows love to dedicated followers, but exhibits the humble side of the brand or business.

Getting In on the Excitement
Of course, it wouldn’t be a television premiere without its stars (who also happen to be Instagram influencers) chatting about it across the social network. The Countess of the hotel herself, Lady Gaga, has made several posts over the past few days, celebrating the premiere. However, big brands are checking into the “American Horror Story” hotel as well. Hot Topic, for instance, has been advertising its “Hotel” inspired clothing line on Instagram. People magazine has promoted the premiere for its celebrity gossip-loving readers all week long.

Whether you love Lady Gaga, “American Horror Story,” or all things Ryan Murphy, there’s no better time to hop on the “Hotel” bandwagon. With the right hashtags and a few reposts, you can join the party every week when a new episode premieres.


How Instagram Influencers Embrace the MLB Postseason

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Once October rolls around, sports fans are eager to leap on the bandwagon of a postseason baseball team, and this year is no different. Oct. 6 marked the beginning of the MLB playoffs with the New York Yankees vs. Houston Astros in the first Wildcard game of the postseason (Spoiler: It didn’t end well for the Pinstripes). There’s no better time than now to look at how Instagram influencers are getting followers revved up for all things World Series.

mlb, baseball, influencer, instagramDoing It MLB Style
Leading the way in terms of advertising the playoffs is the MLB, and it’s doing so with sharp, vivid photos of both games and players. In terms of hashtags, MLB was using “#Wildcard” to promote last night’s game, but this will likely change (into a more timely one) as the postseason progresses. To cover all of its bases, MLB also used “#postseason,” which should ideally drive baseball fans looking to keep up with the playoffs. Judging by this photo with more than 54,000 “Likes,” it’s working well so far.

‘Presented by Budweiser’
Sports influencers aren’t the only ones getting in on the excitement on Instagram. In fact, many of the posts by MLB on Instagram have included the phrase, “presented by @budweiser,” indicating the brewer’s sponsorship of the postseason. Interestingly enough, Budweiser’s Instagram page is still showcasing the same old American pride-type of posts, rather than ones about baseball. Maybe it’s still coming?

#Postseason Conversation
There seems to be a wide range of Instagram influencers taking advantage of the hashtag, “#Postseason,” which is good news for MLB and its promotion. Wilson, the baseball glove manufacturer, is using the hashtag to support the games and players who utilize its products. Separate franchises that made it into the playoffs (e.g., Blue Jays, Royals) are pumping up their cities and fans for the excitement to come. And, of course, big money networks like FOX are promoting the postseason and the fans that tune in to watch the games.

However, you don’t need to be affiliated with Major League Baseball or one of its franchises to get in on the action. As long as you advertise on Instagram with valuable (baseball-related) content, you can join the conversation during this World Series run.


How Does the NFL Successfully Advertise on Instagram? [INTERVIEW]


When it comes to sports, the NFL reigns supreme. Football is everywhere, and the NFL has proven that it knows how to successfully advertise on Instagram. With more than 4.1 million followers on its account, you can rely on the NFL to bring you the latest professional football news on this social media platform.

But what goes into making the perfect Instagram post? We spoke to David Feldman, the director of social content for NFL Media, to find out.

Full Bottle: How does your team approach Instagram and integrate it into its overall social media strategy?

David Feldman: We view Instagram as the medium to showcase our best, most beautiful and important imagery. It’s also a medium to showcase top news items and editorial pieces.

influencer, nfl, football, instagramFB: How has your strategy changed as Instagram has evolved?

DF: We’ve noticed that Instagram has evolved as more than just a place to look at cool images. When being selective with the right piece of content, Instagram can be a powerful source of referral traffic. But it’s very important to not overdo it and remember the true intention of the platform.

FB: What do you consider to be the key to success as an Instagram influencer?

DF: It’s all about fan engagement. If you are producing quality content that fans are liking or commenting on, that’s all you can ask for.

All that being said, it’s not uncommon to see hundreds of thousands of “Likes” on the NFL’s Instagram posts, which all appear to be eye candy. To see exactly what Feldman spoke about with us, visit the NFL’s Instagram page to see images of its biggest stars. In the process, you may just pick up a few tips on how to spruce up your own posts when you advertise on Instagram!


Weekend Wrap-Up: Instagram Influencers Indulge in Fashion and Football

NFL in London

Just because it’s fall doesn’t mean it’s too soon to be thinking about summer, right? This is what Instagram influencers thought over the weekend on the social network, using “#ss16” everywhere to converse about upcoming fashion trends. However, the runway wasn’t the only hot topic on Instagram. Here’s what people were buzzing about over the weekend of October 9.

  • mcqueen, fashion, instagram, instagram influencerSpring/Summer 2016
    Alexander McQueen and Stella McCartney were just two of many designers that had fashion influencers going bananas over what we’ll all be wearing next year. McQueen was also one of several fashion houses to embrace the social side of the Internet this year, live streaming its event across the Web on Sunday. Given that its posts have garnered thousands of “Likes,” McQueen must be doing something right.
  • NFL in London
    Over the past few years, the NFL has been trying really, really hard to get the Brits interested in football. If you turned on your television early Sunday morning, you may have caught the Miami Dolphins/New York Jets game, which was being held live across the pond at Wembley Stadium. The event prompted influencers to advertise on Instagram in celebration of the event, using hashtags such as “#NFLUK” and “#NYJvsMIA.” Judging by the “Likes” on these posts, it seems like the NFL’s promotion may be finally working.
  • Paris Fashion Week
    If you haven’t been around to attend the shows in Paris, just log onto Instagram. Fashion influencers are showing off their best looks from the runway across the entire platform. Louis Vuitton, Chloe and Mugler are just some of the many designers spurring conversation with “#pwf” – but don’t count out fashionistas like Kristina Bazan (2M followers) and Camila Coutinho (1.5M followers), who were also posting about the event.

It’s hard to keep up with trending topics ranging from football to fashion, unless, of course, you’re on Instagram. These days, hashtags are making it seemingly effortless to stay in the loop with other influencers.


Instagram Influencers Go Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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October generally brings to mind ghosts, goblins and adorable trick-or-treaters, but Halloween isn’t the only occasion recognized this month. In fact, October has become a relatively pink month over the years, thanks to the efforts of groups like the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

National Breast Cancer Awareness Month has been celebrated for 27 years, and it continues to spread awareness, education and empowerment pertaining to the disease every October. Let’s see how Instagram influencers are using their “people power” for the greater good.

fashion, fashion influencer, instagram influencersIn the Name of Fashion
Fashion influencers and stylists are all about pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and even the smallest boutiques are getting in on the action. The District on Main, a clothing store in Oklahoma, received more than 100 “Likes” on a photo of its stylish pink Lokai bracelets earlier this week. Kailey’s Monogram, an Etsy shop dedicated to personalized accessories, welcomed more than 200 “Likes” on a post promoting pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. These days, it’s fashionable to fight cancer, whether your shop is on Main Street or a website.

Sports and Pink
When the “manliest” of men take the field to participate in hard-hitting sports, pink is not a color that comes to mind – unless it’s October. Thanks to leagues like the NFL, it’s become trendy to wear pink when game day rolls around. However, other sports have caught on to the color as well.

Take a look at what 44 Professional Baseball Gloves, the baseball glove manufacturer, is doing to promote Breast Cancer Awareness Month. One post of a pink glove recently garnered more than 1,500 “Likes” just nine hours after being uploaded. Lacrosse Unlimited, the lacrosse gear manufacturer, reeled in 1,700 “Likes” on an image of pink mesh for sale in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Regardless of how tough you are on the field, you can proudly wear pink in October.

Going Pink and Doing It Right
When you choose to advertise on Instagram for a cause such as breast cancer awareness, you need to prove to your audience that you’re genuine about your promotion. In short, wearing pink just for the sake of it often isn’t enough, especially if you’re selling goods and services.

Dutch Brothers Coffee, a popular coffee shop in Orland, Calif., is one example of a company joining the cause in an authentic way. Recently, the shop took to its Instagram page to advertise its coffee cup promotion. Dutch Brothers is selling pink thermoses for $12, and $5 of each sale will go toward finding a cure.

Whether you’re selling a beverage holder or lacrosse mesh in light of a good cause, the formula for Instagram success is the same – show you care, and then prove that you aren’t just doing it for the hype (even if you get some along the way).


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