How Instagram Influencers Found New Opportunities at Art Basel

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From Dec. 2-6, the annual Art Basel show rocked Miami Beach, giving art lovers from around the world an opportunity to mingle and expand their collections. However, it wasn’t all about the artists – celebrities and Instagram influencers alike rubbed elbows at Art Basel. With participation from more than 250 galleries around the world, everyone wanted to attend.

What is Art Basel, Anyway?
As most art-loving Instagram influencers will tell you, Art Basel is one of the must-attend events of the year. The festival, which is hosted in Miami (among other cities) each year, sees approximately 70,000 visitors annually.

Galleries from North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia and Africa showcase works to exhibit the latest in contemporary art. Additionally, the event gives emerging artists an opportunity to show their work to the public. About 4,000 artists have their pieces exhibited at the event.

However, Art Basel is also geared toward giving industry professionals a chance to mingle with the art world as well. Educational sessions, titled “Conversations,” were held throughout the event. Some of the topics included “Artist Donations: The New Deal,” “New Role for Art in Cuba” and “The Ethics of Art Advertising.”

And of course, it wouldn’t be a festival without some music. Performers this year included Alicia Keys and A$AP Rocky.

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Beats By Dre posted about Art Basel over the weekend.

Instagram Influencers and Art Basel
Art Basel created several opportunities for Instagram influencers to get their followers riled up about the festival, as well as everything it represents – art, music and film. Beats by Dre, for example, used the event to promote specific DJs and music on its Instagram page. Revolve Clothing, the clothing retailer, also made a post about Art Basel to resonate with others who attended the event in Miami.

Instagram influencers utilized Art Basel to engage their audiences in different ways. While Influencer Stephanie Villa was posting a selfie to recognize the event, Incubus Singer Brandon Boyd was posting images of art that caught his eye.

Whether you wanted to show off your weekend outfit or the paintings you saw, you couldn’t go wrong while posting about Art Basel. As the festival proved, the sheer popularity of a social event can give you leverage as an influencer, regardless of who you’re targeting with your posts.


Instagram Marketing the Year’s Biggest Tree Lighting Event

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It isn’t just any old tree lighting – the Rockefeller Center tree lighting is perhaps the biggest in the country. Furthermore, it all happens in the Big Apple with performances by Hollywood’s biggest stars to commemorate the event. Of course, this doesn’t mean that the event organizers don’t have to do a little Instagram marketing to get people excited about the extravaganza.

instagram, instagram marketing, instagram advertisingHashtags All The Way
Leading up to the Rockefeller Center Tree Lighting on Dec. 2, the Rockefeller Center Instagram account was making posts using “#RockCenterXMAS” to get people talking about it. Some of the tagged posts went as far back as a month before the actual tree lighting. It’s never too early to start Instagram marketing one of your biggest events of the year!

Instagram Marketing Overlap
Overlap can be a good thing, especially when it comes to Instagram marketing. Take the “#RockCenterXMAS” hashtag into account, for example. Not only has the Rockefeller Center Instagram page been using it to promote the tree lighting, but all seasonal events at the venue, such as its ice skating rink. Creating a hashtag that can apply to multiple events, people and places during a specific time of year can help you establish consistency in your Instagram marketing campaign.

Star Power
It helps that the Rockefeller Center tree lighting always has a series of celebrities on hand to party at the event. Star power can be effective, especially when it comes to making a splash on Instagram. Singer Jojo and Actress Jaimie Alexander were just two of the many celebs to post about the tree lighting on Instagram, spurring even more talk about the event.

Hashtags can add leverage to any Instagram marketing campaign, but it takes a little bit of everything – celebrity power, early promo, and holiday spirit – to drive engagement. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to post some eye-catching photos and videos along the way!


How National Mutt Day Inspires Instagram Influencers Twice a Year

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Who doesn’t love puppies? Maybe that’s why National Mutt Day is recognized twice every year – July 31 and December 2. The holiday(s) was created in 2005 by Colleen Paige, who is also responsible for the establishment of National Dog Day and National Cat Day. Paige, a celebrity pet and family lifestyle expert, has spurred a slew of Instagram influencers to celebrate the holiday. In turn, she’s successfully raised awareness of her cause – to honor mixed breed dogs across the country.

dogs, instagram marketing, instagram influencers, instagramInstagram Marketing for a Cause
If Instagram influencers can relate to your cause, you have a better chance of raising awareness, whether you want to popularize a brand or a charity. National Mutt Day, for example, strikes a chord with dog owners who have mixed breed pets of their own. It may also resonate with dog lovers who do not own a pet. As a result, Paige has an opportunity to achieve her goal of educating people on the number of adoptable mutts who need homes. By exhibiting your cause, you can engage your followers and raise awareness of your efforts to spur change.

Sharing Facts with Instagram Influencers
While a picture might have the power of a thousand words, it doesn’t hurt to integrate a few actual words and facts into your Instagram marketing campaign. For instance, the National Mutt Day website has several facts surrounding Paige’s cause.

Take this insight into account – mixed dogs can live just as successful lives as purebreds, carrying out duties such as bomb sniffing and search and rescue. Adding this information to the caption of a powerful Instagram photo can propel a campaign in a matter of seconds. While sharing your cause is an efficient marketing step, providing additional insight can take your efforts to the next level.

Making Your Content Actionable
Whether you’re advocating for National Mutt Day or another day on the calendar, your Instagram posts will do better if they include actionable content. On the National Mutt Day website, for example, Paige suggests donating at least $5 to a local animal shelter on July 31 or December 2 to recognize the holiday. By including this actionable tip into an Instagram post, more followers could be encouraged to spread the word on how to participate in National Mutt Day.

Instagram’s 300 million active monthly users double-tap approximately 2.5 billion photos per day, according to Agora Pulse. However, this doesn’t mean that they’re going to “like” everything they come across on their feed. For this reason, it’s worth going the extra mile to enhance your Instagram marketing campaign, even if it’s not based on puppies.


How Poshmark Takes Instagram Marketing to a Fashion-Forward Level [Interview]

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Thanks to the Internet, buying and selling has never been easier for fashionistas who want to make sure they have the trendiest ensembles possible. Poshmark, the online community that allows users to shop and sell, has successfully brought this concept to Instagram. We had an opportunity to chat with Amanda Weiss, Marketing Manager at Poshmark, for insight into their Instagram marketing strategy.

instagram marketing, instagram, instagram influencersFullbottle: How does your team approach Instagram and integrate it into its overall social media strategy?

Amanda Weiss: “As early adopters of Instagram the app has always played a crucial role in our social media strategy. Since fashion is inherently visual, Instagram is one of our target audience’s must-visit apps each day (…or even each moment!). Since Instagram and Poshmark are both mobile-first and share similarities as a channel where you can express your personal style, it’s a match made in app heaven. Right now, we have three goals for using Instagram: engage with and promote the Poshmark community, share current trends, amazing Poshmark finds and style influencers, and most importantly have fun!”

FB: How has your strategy changed as Instagram has evolved?

AW: “Over the years, our Instagram strategy has shifted quite a bit. As with any social platform, it changes with time. As you grow your community, it’s always important to know your peak times, stay relevant, engage with your followers and be creative to put out quality content — not only with the images posted but also with your captions.”

FB: Do you have any statistics you can share on your Instagram ROI?

AW: “Poshmark has almost 80,000 followers right now on Instagram and our most popular hashtag, #PoshStyle, where women share outfits they’ve scored on the app, has been tagged in over 55,000 photos. Instagram has been a huge driver for us to bring community members back into the app while also allowing new users to discover the magic of Poshmark, making it a very valuable tool for the company.”

FB: What do you consider to be the key to success as an Instagram influencer?

AW: “Clearly identify your goals for the channel, run tests to see what works, be creative and be authentic, staying true to your brand.”

To learn more about Poshmark, visit their website or check out their Instagram page, @poshmark.


Weekend Wrap-Up: Let the Holiday Instagram Marketing Begin


Perhaps one of the most anticipated weekends of the year, Thanksgiving Weekend took Instagram by storm, spurring posts on everything from turkey to Black Friday. The four-day weekend also had brands seeking ways to stand out from the crowd as the holiday shopping season began. Here are some of the Instagram marketing highlights you might’ve missed.

marketing, instagram, instagram influencers, instagram marketing, christmasBlack Friday Takes Over Instagram Marketing
As expected, Black Friday dominated Instagram on Nov. 27. Every brand from Victoria’s Secret to Asos was advertising on the year’s biggest shopping day. For the most part, Instagram influencers stuck to the “#blackfriday” hashtag. However, each account took a different approach. Cover Girl, for instance, focused on showing its products, as well as some holiday accents. Kohls posed a question to its followers in a Black Friday post, asking them to discuss what they wear while shopping. Both posts were prime examples of brands getting their audiences into a shopping state of mind.

Instagram Influencers Relish Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving is a time for friends, family, and Instagram. Influencers across the platform were out in full force on Thanksgiving, showing off their cooking skills and holiday ensembles. Fashion Blogger Chiara Ferragni posted tips on how to dress to kill on Thanksgiving. Reality Star Khloe Kardashian uploaded images of the delicious food she brought together for the big day. Whether you put up photos of turkey or in-season shoes this Thanksgiving, you likely attracted the attention of your followers.

Get Ready for the Holiday Rush
Brands such as Abercrombie are already prepared for the holiday rush. The clothing retailer recently posted an image of some items consumers can purchase for their loved ones, using the hashtag, “#holiday.” However, it isn’t just about clothing this year. Hello Miss Apple, the jewelry retailer, has been advertising its Christmas-inspired accessories for the holidays. Maybelline has uploaded images of makeup designed to inspire gift shoppers.

As far as Instagram marketing goes, there are several ways you can capitalize on the holiday season. Even if you aren’t promoting a specific product or service, you can encourage more engagement by centering your posts around the big days of December.


Instagram Marketing and Thanksgiving: What Has Influencers Buzzing?


Thanksgiving is a time for friends, family and turkey, but Instagram influencers know this doesn’t mean it’s a day off. Every holiday poses a prime opportunity to launch an Instagram marketing campaign that speaks to the time of year, whether it’s Thanksgiving, Christmas or the Fourth of July.

Instagram Marketing with the Right Hashtag
There are a few hashtags already trending on Instagram ahead of Thanksgiving, including the word “#Thanksgiving” itself. However, Instagram influencers appear to be using hashtags, “#ThanksgivingWeekend” and “#Thanksgiving2015” as well.

As you think about utilizing hashtags over the holiday, feel free to let loose. Research shows that using an average of 11 hashtags on an Instagram post can yield the best results.

thanksgiving, instagram influencers, instagram marketingMaking Food the Star of Your Campaign
Even Bloomingdales, the clothing store, has made it a point to keep its Instagram marketing campaign focused on food this Thanksgiving. Its strategy goes back to one key feature of successful holiday advertising – trendiness.

This Thanksgiving, don’t forget the food. Whether you’re posting videos of your pie or images of yourself cooking, food should be the star of the show. A focused Instagram marketing campaign will resonate with more followers.

Telling Your Story
During the holiday season, brands and Instagram influencers alike are all vying for the attention of followers. However, you can gain an edge on the competition during this time of year by remembering to tell your story. As you spend the holiday with your own friends and family, share highlights of your life with your followers to make a lasting impression. Followers always like to see the “human” side of Instagram influencers, no matter how famous they may be.

Finally, don’t forget to show your face! Statistics show that Instagram posts that include people (specifically, faces) can drive almost 40 percent more “Likes.” Just make sure you wait until you’re done stuffing your face with turkey and pie.


3 Instagram Marketing Trends Spotted Ahead of Black Friday

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With Black Friday just around the corner, shoppers and Instagram influencers alike are getting ready to splurge. The fall fashion craze is winding down, but partywear season is just beginning. Once Black Friday hits, consumers will be in a shopping frame of mind, meaning there’s no better time to launch an Instagram marketing campaign. Here are three trends we’re already seeing on Instagram ahead of the holiday shopping season.

  1. instagram, instagram marketing, instagram influencersSale Previews as Instagram Marketing Gold
    There’s no better way to grab the attention of your followers than by making them feel like they’re exclusive. Macys let its followers in on a little sneak peek of a Black Friday deal on handbags, attracting more than 2,600 Likes. Style4Guys, the male clothing retailer, posted upcoming prices for coats set to go on sale over the weekend. Capturing the attention of your audience early can ensure that you’re in their minds before Black Friday arrives.
  2. Fashion Insight and Shopping Tips
    Many Instagram influencers – particularly in the fashion realm — are using “#BlackFriday” to inform followers on how to get their chic looks. Darcy Jones, for instance, told followers about the savings she got on a winter-influenced outfit, reeling in 1,900 Likes. Alice Campello posted a photo of herself in a wrap sweater and encouraged followers to seek out deals they can get on similar items on Black Friday. If your audience is already engaged in what you post, you can easily turn your efforts into a Black Friday-inspired Instagram advertising campaign.
  3. Sales Before Black Friday Sales
    If you’re one of the people who prefers to think about the holidays after you’ve eaten your turkey, Instagram influencers and brands alike want you to change your tune. Light in the Box, for instance, is already advertising clothing items that are on sale ahead of its Black Friday deals. The Lookbook Store has been doing so all week while you’ve been planning your Thanksgiving meal.

As they say, the holidays creep up earlier and earlier each year. For Instagram influencers, this just means more opportunity to resonate with followers – maybe it’s not such a bad thing after all.


The Weekend Wrap-Up: Instagram Influencers Brace for the Holiday Season

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amas, instagram, instagram influencers, instagram advertising, marketingIt’s the week of Thanksgiving, and if you couldn’t tell by the posts of Instagram influencers, everyone is ready for turkey, family and football. Over the weekend of Nov. 20, there were plenty of posts across Instagram about the big day. However, it wasn’t the only thing that Instagram influencers were talking about. Here’s what you might’ve missed while prepping for the kickoff of the holiday season.

The AMAs Dominate Instagram Advertising
Over the weekend, the 2015 American Music Awards were hosted at Microsoft Theatre in Los Angeles, Calif. Stars ranging from Nicki Minaj to Justin Bieber were in the house for the big event, and brands were quick to use Instagram to leverage the marketing opportunity. For example, L’Oréal Paris posted several pics of Singer Jennifer Lopez wearing its makeup at the show. Designer Michael Cinco posted images of J. Lo flaunting his couture dress. Bottom line: it’s beneficial to be associated with Lopez, or any other trend setters, for that matter.

#Partywear Season is Here
Many Instagram influencers spent the weekend posting about their favorite partywear. With the holiday season right around the corner, it’s time to get your glam on with some sleek new ensembles. Next, the online fashion retailer, reeled in 1,200 “Likes” with a post exhibiting its favorite Christmas party handbags. Beyond Retro, the vintage clothing company with 32K Instagram followers, posted its own photo of a chic outfit to get shoppers excited about “party season.” If you were using the hashtag “#partywear” over the weekend, you knew what the Instagram conversation was all about: glitz and glam.

Instagram Influencers Turn to Black Friday
Too soon to start thinking about Christmas? Not for brands and Instagram influencers. With Black Friday just four days away, brands ranging from PacSun to Tillys are already advertising the shopping day in full force. Instagram Influencers Darcy Jones and Caitlyn Covington are just two of many fashion-forward ladies who’ve been posting about Black Friday as well.

Whether you’re using the hashtags “#BlackFriday” or “#partywear,” there’s no better time to jump into the conversation before the holiday season officially begins. As Instagram influencers will tell you, this time of year comes with plenty of opportunities to hit the right note with your followers.


Photo or Video: Which is Best for Your Instagram Marketing Campaign?


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When it comes to creating an effective Instagram marketing campaign, using both videos and photos can give you the best shot at resonating with your followers. However, we did a little digging to find out if one type of media has leverage over the other. Here are some stats stats we found in our pool of data, which may have you tweaking your Instagram advertising strategy.

Out of 132,000 Instagram posts, the average “Like” rates for photos and video were 2.9 percent and 3.0 percent, respectively. In short, the difference is relatively small, showing that Instagram users may actually just “like” a little bit of everything when they log in.

About 88 percent of posts we analyzed were photos. Furthermore, every Instagram influencer we looked at had at least one image post. Out of 156 influencers, 23 percent had no video posts. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t include these assets in your own Instagram marketing campaign – especially when the engagement and “Likes” averages were neck-and-neck.

As a brand, it’s critical to trust Instagram influencers who know their audience, as well as what drives engagement. Under a performance pricing model, influencers have the incentive to upload posts that resonate with their audience and encourage activity. Furthermore, they only pay for posts that encourage interaction, meaning influencers need to know their followers in order to tap into their Instagram habits.

By trusting influencers and their expertise, you can make strides with their Instagram marketing campaigns, regardless of whether you use photos or videos to promote your brand.

This data was collected on Oct. 15, 2015. A total of 681 influencers were analyzed, along with 132,370 posts across Instagram.


Visit Florida Shows Off the Sunshine State in Its Instagram Marketing Campaign [Interview]


If you haven’t had a chance to visit the Sunshine State, is all about giving you a reason to put it at the top of your to-do list. The website, which provides information on all things Florida, also has a successful influencer marketing campaign that spreads the word to Instagrammers looking for some R&R. We had a chance to speak to Stephen Kubiak, Visit Florida’s social media representative, to learn more about their Instagram marketing strategy.

Fullbottle: How has your Instagram strategy evolved as the platform has changed over time?

instagram, instagram marketing, influencer marketingStephen Kubiak: “We’ve evolved with the platform. When we first started using Instagram, you had to take the photos within the app and you could only tag your photos ‘on location’ if you wanted to add a geo-target. Once Instagram allowed you to upload any photo, I decided that we should start using user-generated content (UCG) as a way to grow our community and to curate these great photos were taking of the state. We typically find photos that use #LoveFL, which is our ongoing campaign hashtag that we use, and photos that people tag us in. We also always ask permission to use any piece of UGC with a one-to-one ask, nothing automated. I’ve found that this opens a dialogue between our brand and the content creators. People seem to appreciate the give and take. The strategy is clearly working as we’ve seen our account explode in engagement numbers with over 1,000 likes on posts and 20,000 new followers in three months.”

FB: Which types of posts generate the most traction for you on Instagram?

SK: “The most successful photos have been of beaches, sunset/sunrise shots, and animal (e.g., dolphin, manatee) shots in terms of ‘Likes,’ but it’s the comments that really stand out at times. We might share a photo of a hidden gem location like Devil’s Den or Bahia Honda State Park and you see great engagement because people want to know more about the location.”

FB: How do you use Instagram to resonate VisitFlorida’s message with your target audience?

SK: “Our goal with our content and social programs is to inform and inspire our audience about Florida and Instagram is an easy way to that. Each photo is its own story and the Instagram audience helps shape that story with their comments, tags and likes. A picture is truly worth 1,000 words to our Instagram community.”

FB: What would you personally identify as the keys to being a successful Instagram influencer?

SK: “Engagement beyond likes and follows is key to being an Instagram influencer. I think that one-on-one interaction is key, meaning responding the questions and comments, providing links to more information, etc. Social media is a two-way street – you have to be able to have a little give and take with the people you are engaging with. If you appreciate your audience by showing it through your engagement with them, they are more likely to engage with you in the future.”

FB: Do you have any tips for encouraging engagement with your Instagram followers?

SK: “Talk to your audience. Use UGC. Make ‘the ask’ – whether it’s asking them to tag or use certain hashtags or asking for advice about something. Encourage your audience be a part of the conversation by the way you engage with them.”

You can learn more about Visit Florida by visiting, or checking out their Instagram page (@VisitFlorida).


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