Watch That View Count: 3 Tips for Instagram Marketing with Video

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On February 11, Instagram announced that it was introducing view counts to videos uploaded onto the platform. This feature now gives Instagram marketing professionals a new way to gain insight on their target audience.

“Views are the most widely expected form of feedback on video,” Instagram stated in its announcement. “That’s why you’ll begin to see view counts underneath videos where before you’d normally see likes.”

But what makes a video worth watching in a busy newsfeed? Here are three ways you can ensure your video content shines within your Instagram marketing strategy.

instagram marketing, photography1. Show ‘Behind the Scenes’
Behind the scenes videos can resonate with your target audience and potentially increase brand loyalty, according to Shakr. Keep in mind that you don’t always have to show off your products and services – many people appreciate genuine posts without the salesy approach. A behind the scenes video can let your audience know that you want to forge a lasting connection with them that isn’t all about the money.

2. Understand the Brand Culture
In order to successfully launch an Instagram marketing campaign that utilizes video, you need to understand the culture of the social network.

“Instagram is the site where brands show fans who they are; it’s about shaping perceptions of a brand’s personality,” writes Sarah Fama for Reel SEO.

That being said, keep in mind that people aren’t just looking for eye-catching media on Instagram – they seek out engaging, story-telling content. Don’t be afraid to share your story through your videos.

3. Remember the Basics
The foundations of double tap-worthy Instagram photos also apply to videos. This means that you still need to consider angles, lighting and editing before you share the content with your followers, according to Entrepreneur. Doing so will help you maintain a professional look while exhibiting your brand in an engaging way.

Instagram stated in its announcement that view counts are just one of many features to come for video content. For starters, these tips can help you integrate video into your existing Instagram marketing campaign.

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Work It for the Cameras: Instagram Marketing with Angles in Mind

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This weekend, Seattle Fashion Week 2016 is set to kick off in the Emerald City. Designers from all over the Pacific Northwest will be on hand to showcase the best of their collections, and Instagram influencers will have an opportunity to mingle with some of the region’s fashion leaders.

While models are strutting their stuff on the runway, you might be thinking about how you model your brand on Instagram. When it comes to Instagram marketing, getting the right angle is essential to posting a photo that receives dozens of likes and comments.

Getting the Right Shot
“Angles can make or break a photograph,” Instagram Influencer Drew Scott told the Huffington Post. “Making sure you are taking the picture at the correct angle is definitely key.”

But how do you get the perfect angle?

instagram marketing, instagram advertising, instagramScott goes on to say that it’s best to make sure your photographer (if you’re using one) gets as low to the ground as possible. Aiming upward can elevate your subject and give it more superiority. Other Instagram influencers recommend visualizing the image you want to capture in real life beforehand – know your angle before you shoot.

Instagram Marketing and Photo Perfection
Some of the most successful Instagram influencers will tell you that it’s all about editing. However, there are a few other tactics you can use to up your photo game. For example, composition can make a big difference in terms of catching the eyes of your followers, according to Quartz. Using natural light can also help you reduce the amount of editing you need to do while enhancing your shot.

Finally, avoid using Instagram’s camera to take your photos.

“It doesn’t have the same functions that your phone camera does, such as zooming and other potentially useful tools like the grid feature of the iPhone camera,” says Marc Bain of Quartz. “Those can help you to compose your photo better.”

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Researchers: Video May Become the Key to Successful Instagram Marketing


Instagram continues to outpace other social networking sites in growth, but Instagram influencers and brands are having to work harder to drive engagement. Research conducted by Locowise has found that Instagram follower growth in January 2016 was 0.37 percent – its highest growth since August 2015. However, its post engagement rate was 0.95 percent of its total audience.

instagram marketing, marketing, instagram advertisingThis percentage is a 12 percent decrease from December 2015. While the network still beat out Twitter (0.09 percent) and Facebook (0.46 percent), Instagram marketing has been tough for users over the past few months.

To get over the hump, Locowise researchers believe video is paving the way for Instagram advertising professionals.

“Instagram wants you to watch more video on the platform,” says Marko Saric of Locowise. “It also wants more creators to post more video. The time users spend watching videos increased by more than 40 percent over the last six months.”

Videos and Photos: Creating a Balance
Despite Instagram’s push for more video content, photos still reign supreme. Locowise discovered that 91 percent of all posts made in January 2016 were images. However, this doesn’t mean that brands and Instagram influencers should shy away from creating a healthy balance of both photos and videos.

Video posts engaged 0.68 percent of the total audience in January 2016, indicating that there may be untapped potential in the use of this media. Additionally, it’s becoming easier for Instagram users to gauge the impact of their video marketing efforts, thanks to a new view count feature.

“As a widely expected industry metric for video, we believe video views are the best measure of viewer intent,” the Instagram team wrote in a blog post. “And we often hear from our community they’d like to better understand how people are engaging with their videos.”

With that, there’s no better time to test the waters with video content than now.

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Can Multiple Accounts Enhance Your Instagram Marketing Strategy?

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With more than 80 million photos shared on Instagram every day, it may be worth having two accounts to stand out from the crowd. Many businesses create multiple accounts to represent different sectors of their organization. However, more profiles inevitably means more Instagram marketing.

Generating Sales through Instagram Marketing
Statistics have shown that Instagram is one of the most effective social networks when it comes to business. The site had an average order value of $65.00 in the third quarter of 2013, surpassing Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus.

“If you have a spot in the ecommerce industry, you certainly need to consider the impact of social commerce,” says Alex York, SEO specialist and writer for SproutSocial. “Being socially active can pay off tremendously for brands that are already working in the digital marketing space.”

Now that Instagram has made account switching easier, there’s no reason why brands shouldn’t explore the option of using multiple accounts for marketing purposes.

instagram marketing, marketing, instagram advertisingHow to Manage Multiple Profiles Like a Pro
Managing multiple social media profiles can be challenging, no matter how easy the network tries to make it for users. Whether it’s Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, social media managers can breathe a sigh of relief through the use of networking tools, such as HootSuite or Buffer.

Some of these tools require a subscription fee to use, but many of them offer similar services. These include the option to schedule posts across multiple accounts, as well as the opportunity to manage engagement.

Reaping the Benefits of Multiple Accounts
The most obvious benefit of having multiple Instagram profiles is the ability to extend your reach. With more than 400 million active users, having more accounts inevitably boosts your chances of exposure.

However, it’s important to remember that each account will still require a social media strategy. Your marketing team needs to determine the target audience for all of your accounts. Furthermore, you need to set a series of goals and KPIs to determine if utilizing multiple profiles is generating an ROI for your business.

Although having more than one account requires additional work, the pay-off can be big if you manage it efficiently. With 85 percent of top brands utilizing Instagram today, it might be worth launching a second account to gain an edge.

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Visiting Miami and Beyond: Instagram Marketing While Traveling

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This weekend, Coral Gables is hosting the Carnival on the Mile street festival, which is one of the most anticipated events on this side of Florida. Carnival on the Mile takes place every year ahead of the Calle Ocho Festival, and it’s dedicated to celebrating everything from art to local businesses. This year, Instagram influencers and brands alike are bound to post dozens of photos from the festival, which is being promoted by the Greater Miami Convention and Visitors Bureau with the hashtag, #SoMiami.

If you’re going to be in the area over the weekend, there will be plenty of Instagram marketing opportunities to highlight your adventure with the hashtag, but what about your photos? Do you have a plan to document your trip on your Instagram page?

travel, instagram marketing, instagram, instagram influencersPosting on Instagram while traveling opens up many doors in terms of advertising and reaching out to your target audience. A recent survey discovered that 71 percent of young adults use Instagram while traveling. However, there’s more to sharing your journey online than just taking a quick pic of your hotel room.

Instagram Marketing with Enticing Travel Posts
“Some of the most satisfying and memorable pictures from a trip can be those you stumble upon when exploring a less frequented area,” writes Jethro Mullen, editor for CNN. “Take some wrong turns, wander, see what you find.”

Your goal should make your target audience feel like they’re traveling alongside you. When you discover an unexpected live event, new meal, or free walking tour, assume that your followers want to be there when it happens.

Finally, remember that the foundations of snapping an engaging Instagram photo still apply, even during vacation. Keep filters, angles and lighting in mind when you snap a picture.

“In outdoor areas where your surroundings feel cramped or cluttered, try tilting your head back and seeing what lies above,” Mullen adds. “In cities, clusters of skyscrapers or geometrically arranged facades work well. Natural surroundings, like forests of tall trees, can also be eye-catching.”

And don’t forget – posts tagged with a location receive 79 percent higher engagement. After all, your admiring followers want to know where you’re having all of your fun!

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Report: Number of Active Instagram Advertising Companies has Reached 200k


Brands have always been keen on the idea of Instagram advertising to reach their target audience, but new statistics prove it. There are approximately 200,000 monthly active advertisers on the social network, which is a stark increase from the hundreds that were recorded last June, according to CNBC.

“Having 200,000 advertisers gives us an ability to better tailor the ads that people see to their likes and interests,” James Quarles, Instagram’s global head of business and brand development, told the news source. “The more advertisers we have, the more relevant the ad, the better the ad experience.”

About 75 percent of Instagram advertising companies are located outside of the U.S., and most are small or medium-sized businesses.

instagram advertising, instagram marketing, instagramSmall Businesses and Instagram Advertising
Instagram already allows small and large businesses alike to market their products to thousands of people on the network. However, it recently made another change that simplifies the process – easy account-switching for multiple account owners.

“The need for multiple accounts on Instagram may not be a reality for everyone. But for the entrepreneur who is managing several brands, the need is clear,” said Lisa Froelings, writer for Small Business Trends. “This is because multiple accounts can be needed to manage and promote different individual product lines and/or services.

In terms of doing business on Instagram, the social network has created a slew of tips for entrepreneurs on its website. To start, Instagram recommends developing a clear goal and concept. Creating posts that are true to your brand are also essential for any Instagram advertising campaign, according to experts.

Finally, don’t get discouraged if you’re just beginning to branch out onto Instagram for business purposes. With more than 300 million active monthly users, there are plenty of opportunities to reach out to your target audience.

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How Fullbottle and Toys”R”Us Sparked #AwesomeMoments on Instagram

Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 9.10.35 AM

Brand marketers will spend about $67 billion on Internet ads in the U.S. in 2016, meaning the industry will be flooding consumers with advertisements. Because brands are now content creators, they are responsible for ensuring that their assets are not only seen, but actively consumed by audiences.

Ad blocking, time-shifted viewing, and skip options are all creating an uphill battle for brand marketers. However, quality content and accountability are helping some companies get over the hurdles.

This is where Fullbottle and its solutions come into play.

The Fullbottle platform maximizes brands’ creativity by utilizing a pricing model that encourages content Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 9.06.58 AMcreators to be competitive. More importantly, Fullbottle helps brands tell meaningful, impactful stories through Instagram influencers. In turn, brands can raise awareness and gain an edge on the competition.

Toys”R”Us is one example of a company that utilized Fullbottle’s solution to drive brand awareness. The retailer launched their Big Book campaign in 2015, using the hashtag “#AwesomeMoment” to promote their toy catalog. Across Instagram, users posted images of children flipping through the “Big Book of Awesome,” effectively raising awareness of their brand and products.

With Fullbottle, 30 pieces of custom content were created and distributed by Instagram influencers. The company began organically trending with its “#AwesomeMoment” hashtag, and its number of followers increased as well. Finally, Toys”R”Us’ engagement rate rose to around 4 percent, which is almost twice the standard Instagram average of 2.5 percent.

While it can be difficult to stand out in an industry full of branded content, it’s possible with solutions from providers like Fullbottle. As Toys”R”Us learned first-hand, the right platform and creative, custom content can make all of the difference when it comes to driving brand awareness.


To Filter or Not to Filter: An Instagram Marketing Dilemma

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One of the most endearing qualities of Instagram is that it allows you to apply a filter to your snapshots. This means that you can make virtually any photo look like it was professionally taken. For brands and Instagram influencers alike, filters have become a key component of successful marketing.

For example, research conducted by TrackMaven has shown that brands that use the Hefe filter receive 5.6 percent more engagement than the average Instagram post. The Lo-fi filter drives 5.2 percent additional engagement, while Brannan reels in 5.1 percent.

Whether you’ve always believed in using filters or you want to start enhancing your account with them today, you need to strategize to see an ROI from these features.

instagram marketing, marketing, instagram influencersChoosing the Right Filter for Instagram Marketing
Regardless of what your brand is marketing, it’s best to narrow down the list of Instagram filters you’ll use before launching your campaign.

“Choose one filter or a set of filters that you will use for the majority, if not all of your photos,” recommends Evan LePage, blog specialist for HootSuite. “By using the same filters over and over, you establish a style that will become recognizable to your followers.”

The goal is to get your audience to pause when they recognize your posts by the filter. In turn, you’ll have a better shot at raising brand awareness and increasing engagement.

Know When to Use a Filter
A quick Google search of “Instagram filters and business” will bring you a slew of websites discussing how and when to use each filter. However, it’s perfectly acceptable to go “naked” sometimes, especially when your photo is already enticing.

“When your image looks great as it is, don’t be afraid to post it ‘naked,’” says Kiera Stein, digital marketing consultant. “Images with no filter are more realistic, and your audience will appreciate enjoying your experiences undistorted, just like you did.”

Whether you want to begin incorporating filters or just tweak your existing filter strategy, there’s no better time to start than now. With Instagram adoption at 85 percent among top brands, it’s critical to use every tactic available to run with the competition.

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3 Secrets for Instagram Marketing During Live Events

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The 88th Academy Awards ceremony is set to kick off on Feb. 28, and controversy aside, it’s sure to be an entertaining show. The “#Oscars” hashtag is swirling around social media, and Instagram influencers are already talking about what’s in the stars’ goodie bags.

Every live event is a new opportunity for brands to engage with their target audience. That being said, there tends to be a lot of competition, and even the most optimized post can get buried on busy feeds. Here are three ways you can make sure your voice is heard during the Oscars, as well as any other live event.

instagram marketing, marketing, instagram influencers1. Work with Instagram Influencers
Instagram influencers already have large followings, meaning working with them only adds to your potential reach. Team up with an influencer in your industry before a live event to correlate posts.

2. Use Hashtags Accordingly
Even if you can’t be at an event like the Oscars, you can mingle with others who are interested by using “#Oscars” in your posts. The same goes for any other event you attend, but here’s the added bonus – hashtags make your posts searchable long after the event is over.

“Make a plan to keep on networking, and stay connected with your followers,” recommends Pim Stuurman, founder of TweetBeam.

3. Don’t Forget to Post from the Event
Just because you can’t attend an event like the Oscars doesn’t mean you tap into the Instagram marketing opportunity. Post photos from your Oscars party (even if it’s in your living room) to show other viewers how you’re celebrating.

If you do happen to be at an event, like a trade show or conference, take as many photos as possible. The goal should be to immerse your audience in the experience and make them feel like they’re right there with you.

“By aggregating and displaying these photos at your event, you can immediately increase engagement and encourage participation, expanding the reach of your promoted hashtag and upping the chances that more people in more social networks will see the content from your event,” says Julie Blakley, digital marketing manager at Postano.

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How Can Analytics Help Instagram Marketing Professionals Measure ROI?

Social media

As marketers turn to networks like Instagram to reach their target audiences, they are dedicating more of their money toward social media. The CMO Survey found that social media spending is expected to rise to a 20.9 percent share of all marketing budgets within the next five years. However, not everyone has seen their investment in social media pay off thus far, despite their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram marketing efforts.

instagram marketing, analytics, instagram advertisingThe survey results discovered that 40 percent of marketers claim social media has a “below average” contribution to their firm’s performance. About 50 percent stated that social media’s impact has been “average.”

“Companies are spending a lot on social media right now, but demonstrating its contribution depends on more than investment in analytics, though that will help,” said Christine Moorman, director of The CMO Survey.

Analytics and Instagram Marketing
When you launch an Instagram advertising campaign, you’ll immediately gain an abundance of data that you can assess to determine your ROI. Key performance indicators, such as “Likes,” comments and number of followers, can help you gauge the progress of your Instagram marketing strategy.

Keeping tabs on your KPIs over time will also help you determine if your social media marketing investments are paying off. For example, a rise in “Likes” may be a sign of strong posts and resonance with your target audience. However, this isn’t the only step you can take to give your Instagram marketing strategy the best chance at success.

“Firms must also take other steps to integrate social with the rest of the company’s marketing strategies,” Moorman continued. “This will require changes to where social media is located, its involvement in the planning process, and consideration of how the firm’s customer and brand assets are managed in social media.”

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