Beer Talk: How Do Successful Brewers Advertise on Instagram?

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When it comes to quenching your thirst, you likely reach for something cold, crisp and flavorful. Assuming you’re of age, it’s probably a beer, and there are plenty to choose from on the market. That being said, brewers have to put in a lot of work to differentiate themselves from the competition. Let’s take a look at how three successful brewing companies advertise on Instagram – Budweiser, Pabst Blue Ribbon and the Stone Brewing Company.

  1. Budweiser
    It doesn’t get more American than Budweiser. The pale lager has been around since 1876, courtesy of Anheuser-Busch, and now it’s evolved into a huge Instagram influencer (69.3K followers). To promote its beverage, the Budweiser Instagram page is full of images depicting the drink in casual places (e.g., bars, clubs, pool halls). The idea is presumably that you – the average beer drinker – could picture yourself in one of these locations with a cold Bud in your hand. Budweiser knows how to hit the nail on the head when it comes to resonating with its target audience.
  2. Pabst Blue Ribbon
    Call it the hipster beer if you want, but one thing is for certain – beer enthusiasts have been enjoying Pabst Blue Ribbon since 1844, and their love isn’t wavering. Furthermore, the brewer was instagram influencers, instagram, beerappealing to beer drinkers way before becoming an Instagram influencer (114K followers). These days, Pabst Blue Ribbon uses its Instagram account to show the variety of its loyal customers. A quick glance at its profile reveals skateboarders, actors and even Grandmas indulging in PBR. It’s the celebration of its customers that shows PBR really is for everyone.
  3. Stone Brewing Co.
    It may be a newcomer on the beer scene, but the Stone Brewing Company has quickly become the largest brewery in Southern California. To match its success on the market, the company has also created a relatively popular Instagram account (152K followers) to spread the word about its beverage. As it grows as a business, Stone’s Instagram profile has adopted an intriguing angle, posting photos of its milestones along the way. Its Instagram marketing strategy has embraced everything that comes with making a name for itself in a crowded industry.

As you look to advertise on Instagram, there are a few tips you can learn from these beer companies. First, make it a priority to embrace your audience. Next, don’t be afraid to show off your products and services. Finally, keep your Instagram posts relatable to your target market. Now go crack open a cold, delicious beverage.


The Weekend Wrap-Up: Instagram Marketing and iPhone Mania

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Although the iPhone 6S was released last week, its impact was felt on Instagram throughout the weekend. On top of it, Instagram influencers were still going wild over fall fashion across the social network. Let’s take a look at what was hot on Instagram throughout the weekend of Sept. 25.

  1. iPhone 6S
    Even if you didn’t buy one yourself, you likely got a taste of what it’s like to have an iPhone 6S by logging onto Instagram. Influencers everywhere were posting photos taken with the new smartphone, which boasts a better front-facing camera for selfies. YouTuber Brian Lanning (195K followers) and Actress Francesca Capaldi (1.4M followers) were just a couple of stars who posted about the iPhone 6S and its powerful photo-capturing capabilities.
  2. instagram, instagram influencer, fashionFall fashion
    With more than 201M posts on Instagram, “#fashion” is by far one of the most popular hashtags on the social network. This weekend, Instagram influencers are still going crazy over fall clothing. Fashion Blogger Shanda Rogers (551K followers) was quick to post a photo of herself in sleek leather pants in honor of autumn over the weekend, garnering 4K “Likes.” Style Aficionado Jean Wang (218K followers) also uploaded an image of cozy outerwear to welcome fall. Evidently, everyone has their own definition of fashion-forward clothing for autumn.
  3. Weddings
    Of course, it wouldn’t be fall without a rush of weddings. Courtesy of Instagram influencers like Olympian Shawn Johnson, “#wedding” was a popular hashtag on the social network over the weekend. However, it wasn’t just brides and grooms-to-be who were cashing in on the hashtag. Companies, such as Jeweler Harry Winston, were posting images of wedding-inspired rings to get consumers in the mood for love (and shopping).

One thing that this weekend proved was that you can take liberties when you advertise on Instagram, regardless of the hashtag you use. Whether you love wearing leather pants or oversized sweaters when fall weather arrives, you can comfortably use “#fashion” to start a conversation. It’s all a matter of taste, and as the weather changes, so may your Instagram marketing goals. That being said, have some fun with it!


Instagram Influencers Flock to ‘Disrupt SF’ to Support Startups

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instagram, instagram influencerBetween Sept. 21 and 23, TechCrunch hosted its Disrupt event in San Francisco. If you need to be caught up to speed, Disrupt is designed to bring together both aspiring and successful entrepreneurs to highlight the world of startups and technology. In case you missed the big event, there is plenty on Instagram to make you feel like you were right there at Pier 70.

TechCrunch Keeps It Fresh
The Instagram account for TechCrunch (134K followers) did a pretty good job at keeping tech lovers in the loop, even if they couldn’t be in San Francisco for the event. Multiple posts throughout Disrupt showed followers who was there (Snoop Dogg, anyone?) and what was being said by some of the most notable entrepreneurs in the startup world. Being one of the bigger Instagram influencers in technology, TechCrunch seemingly knew that it needed to keep its target audience satisfied with frequent posts.

#TCDisrupt Runs Wild
If you have a hashtag for your event, use it wisely. TechCrunch promoted the use of “#TCDisrupt” for Disrupt SF, and it was a hit among entrepreneurs and tech-loving attendees alike. Instagram influencers including Roxy Sowalty (454K followers) and  Sakura Considine (12.6K followers) made posts with the hashtag, driving hundreds of “Likes.” However, others chose to go with “#techcrunch” or “#techcrunchsf” in their posts, such as Rage On, the budding clothing startup. As they say, any publicity is good publicity, right?

Instagram Marketing: Live Events
Whether it’s a technology-oriented event or a get-together for gamers, there are a few ways influencers can advertise on Instagram efficiently. Let’s use Disrupt SF as an example – Instagram posts from the event featured images of attendees mingling with the best in the startup world. When it comes to posting at this type of event, influencers can benefit from showing who they’ve met along the way. Popular names draw more interest (and “Likes”).

Additionally, it helps to give other Instagram users a “timeline” of an event, especially when it expands over the course of a few days, like Disrupt SF. A series of storytelling photos can keep followers coming back for more and establish your account as a reliable resource.

Of course, every event varies, and there is certainly more than one way to draw a crowd on Instagram. When in doubt, pay attention to your followers – who knows you better than your audience?


Walking the Runway: How Do Fashion Influencers Advertise on Instagram?

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The wide world of fashion has many open doors for Instagram influencers who want to make their tastes known. Brands and amateur designers alike can draw a following on Instagram by posting the right photos at the right time – but how can you nail it down to a science?

As it turns out, there isn’t one foolproof way to advertise on Instagram and acquire a massive, attentive audience. Let’s take a look at three fashion influencers and how they get it done.

1. Poshmark (76K followers)
instagram, instagram influencer, fashion
Poshmark is a unique fashion Instagram influencer in the sense that it isn’t exactly your average brand. Instead, it’s more of a trading market where fashionistas can get rid of what they no longer wear and find something else they love. Poshmark’s Instagram page is full of variety. There are images of real Poshmark users, showcasing their belongings, as well as inspirational quotes in bold print. Depending on when you visit the page, you just might see a photo of a pug welcoming in the weekend. In short, Poshmark knows how to have fun while celebrating the glamorous side of fashion.

2. Wrangler (77K followers)
It doesn’t get any more American than Wrangler, at least when it comes to jeans. This self-proclaimed American denim brand has been outfitting its customers with jeans since 1947. Now, it’s taking Instagram by storm with a series of posts that not only celebrate denim, but the stereotypical cowboy lifestyle. When Wrangler isn’t posting about George Strait or Robert Redford, it’s showing everyday people wearing its jeans (with a few catchy quotes in between). Keeping posts relatable to its customers is the name of the game for Wrangler.

3. Aldo (511k followers)
The shoe brand has expanded extensively, showcasing a wide range of accessories for both men and women. However, it would appear that Aldo is still focusing on footwear when it comes to Instagram marketing. A majority of its posts highlight shoes, whether they’re alone or on the feet of their models. Another angle that Aldo seems to be taking is urban life. Many of the images on its Instagram page show young adults, casually strutting through a city. Perhaps Aldo is attempting to tap into the glamour of modern life.

As all three of these brands prove, you can advertise on Instagram in a number of ways and find success. Whether you’re marketing denim or the trading of second-hand clothing, there’s likely a fashion niche for you on the social network.


The Weekend Wrap-Up: Fall-Inspired Instagram Influencers

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Fall might not be here yet, but all of the hallmarks are flooded across Instagram – fashion shows, football and pumpkin everything. Let’s take a look at what Instagram influencers were promoting and discussing on the social network over the weekend of Sept. 18.

  1. The Emmys
    instagram, instagram influencer, influencers
    As expected, avid television watchers and celebrities alike took to Instagram to push the big event, which was hosted on Sept. 20. Some of the most popular posts showed stars behind the scenes in their expensive outfits, doing what celebs do best – laugh, mingle, and drink champagne. However, they weren’t the only ones to advertise on Instagram. Designer Zuhair Murad (1.6M followers), for instance, made multiple posts highlighting those who wore its clothing. Hugo Gloss (3.1M followers), the Brazilian entertainment site, also posted several photos of celebs enjoying themselves at the award show to garner attention from its audience.
  2. Pumpkin
    With more than 4 million posts on Instagram to date, #Pumpkin is rapidly taking over the social media network. Cute photos of animals wearing costumes in honor of Halloween are naturally popular, but so are images of food. Pumpkin-inspired baked goods were trending on Instagram all weekend long, and major brands such as Michaels (165K followers) were quick to get in on the action.
  3. Fall fashion
    If you searched “#Fall” on Instagram over the weekend, you weren’t overloaded with images of foliage. Instead, Instagram influencers were using the hashtag to dominate the social network with fashion photos. Lacoste, for instance, nabbed more than 3,000 “Likes” with a post showing its new fall polo line-up for women. Chopard, the jewelry designer, made a splash with an image previewing its IMPERIALE collection for fall. Even Crate and Barrel, the home decor retailer, drew some attention with a post that showed off its fall-inspired furnishings.

The bottom line this weekend was that you could take a popular hashtag and turn it into virtually anything. For example, not every post tagged with “#pumpkin” was an actual Jack-o-Lantern (See: Norbert the pup). Similarly, posts tagged with “#fall” didn’t always show beautiful foliage, but rather other signs of the season (Sweater weather, anyone?).

These days, it’s more fun than ever to be an Instagram influencer, even if you aren’t ready for the seasons to change just yet.


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The world of extreme sports covers a wide range of activities from free diving to rock climbing to whitewater kayaking. Regardless of what sport a person is focused on, they share two fundamental things in common. The first is a strong sense of community and the second is passion. Extreme sports taps into every emotional element that an athlete brings to the game, from competitive instincts to the overwhelming desire to succeed. Influencer marketing is an effective strategy for helping brands connect with athletes, sports fans and other key buyers in the extreme sports world. Let’s take a closer look at what factors sports brands need to keep in mind when pursuing effective influencer marketing campaigns.

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Instagram is one of the hottest and fastest-growing social networks in the market today. Brands and users alike are uniting to make the most of the network’s capacities for sharing video and photos. In particular, brands have found that Instagram is an effective platform to reach younger audiences, including both Millennials and Centennials. But Instagram is also a perfect example of the tension that brands feel strategically choosing between advertising and influencer marketing campaigns. Which one is the most effective – and should companies be making this determination on a case-by-case basis or setting best practices for their company? Let’s take a closer look at how brand leaders can decide whether Instragram advertising or influencer marketing is right for their next campaign.

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What Did You Advertise on Instagram for the Big GOP Debate?

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Perhaps the most anticipated television event of the week took place on Sept. 16 when the current GOP candidates hit CNN’s stage for a live debate. In particular, the majority of viewers wanted to see what former “Apprentice” Boss Donald Trump had up his sleeve. The debate did not disappoint, though some may argue that three hours of banter was a little much. Let’s see who was capitalizing on the opportunity to advertise on Instagram during this star-studded conversation.

buzzfeed, instagram influencers, advertising on instagram

Reinacher does not find you funny, Mr. Trump.

Turning Up the Laughs
It’s easy to make fun of any debate that includes candidates with questionable pasts (and hair), and that’s just what Instagram influencers did on Wednesday night. Chris Reinacher (148K followers) of BuzzFeedVideo did just that with a post, exhibiting his boredom. Niche publications, such as World Star Hip Hop (158K followers), also ate up the chance to poke a little fun at Mr. Trump.

However, we can’t mention the debate without recognizing CNN, the media outlet that hosted it. On its Instagram page (961K followers), the network posted videos of each candidate leading up to the debate in an effort to educate its viewers.

And, they may be enemies in terms of cable viewing and politics, but FOX News hailed to CNN on Instagram for the big debate. A slew of Instagram posts on their profile depicted notable quotes from the candidates, and they received thousands of “Likes.”

For the Sake of Humor or Education?
Instagram influencers could’ve gone two ways with this event – keep it funny or make it informative. Being media outlets, many of the big names like CNN and FOX News tried to keep their posts educational (no matter how slanted they were). Casual Instagram influencers, like popular comedians and actors, took liberty with humor.

When Donald Trump is running for President, there are just too many punch lines to be made. However, it’s not far-fetched to think that Instagram influencers were well aware of the impact of their posts when they made them. Look at it this way: if the government (or Republican Party, if you want to get specific) sees Americans’ lethargic reactions to their debates, this may set off an alarm. In the end, it could inspire change in the way that candidates vie for the Oval Office, or even encourage more (lively) candidates to enter the race.

Now that is the power of the Instagram influencer at work.


Instagram and Meerkat: A Round-Up of the Latest Platform Changes


With the arrival of fall, it’s been a busy time in the world of social media, video platforms, and influencer marketing. Some of the biggest platforms have announced updates and changes that are influencing the way that brands and content creators interact with their audiences. Let’s take a closer look at updates from two of the biggest platforms: Instagram and Meerkat.

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Instagram Marketing for the 67th Annual Emmy Awards

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The 67th Annual Emmy Awards are slated to air this Sunday, Sept. 20, and influencers across the board are already taking the opportunity to advertise on Instagram. Before you get your popcorn ready, let’s take a look at who’s posting what, as well as how Instagram influencers are promoting the star-studded event.

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Glamour is the name of the game.

Who’s Posting What?
There is a wide range of people, brands and businesses already hyping up the Emmys on Instagram. Most notably, Host Andy Samberg has been posting about it and promising a comedic performance. However, it isn’t just celebrities who are influencing the Instagram landscape. Take a look at what the Beverly Wilshire is posting, for instance. The lavish Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills is capitalizing on the opportunity to use the hashtag #EMMY and garner some views.

Even beauty experts are getting in on the Instagram marketing action. Kate Somerville, the skincare specialist, used the hashtags #TreatmentTuesday and #EmmyAwards to promote the need to glam up before Sunday’s big night.

Gaining Traction
It’s easy to make a post about the Emmys and use a hashtag to join the conversation, but how can you advertise on Instagram more effectively prior to these big events?

If you examine the posts we just featured (or do a little hashtag searching on Instagram yourself), you’ll notice a few trends. First, the photos that are being posted have captions that tie back to a purpose. Aside from mentioning the Emmys, your posts should have an obvious point and connection to the topic at hand.

Next, quality should be a priority. As you can see in the posts we featured, even Sandberg’s Instagram photo is clear and vivid (with a little humor splashed in for good measure). Finally, it’s critical to know your audience when you’re using hashtags to promote and participate in a social event.

For example, take a look at the post by the Beverly Wilshire. The champagne bottles ooze glamour, and this is a reoccurring theme in all of the Emmy-tagged posts being uploaded by Instagram influencers. Because it’s an awards show, your target audience will be looking for images that make them feel like they’re red carpet worthy. Keeping this in mind can be the difference between a handful of “Likes” and hundreds of them.

Now go send out those invitations for your couch party this Sunday!


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