Micro Video Promoting an Anti-Bullying Message

06.09.2014 by Eric Wachs
Micro Video to Promote Anti-Bullying Message
To help stop the cycle of bullying, FullBottle worked with personalities across Vine to produce micro video content that encourages young audiences to speak up when they witness or experience bullying.

The campaign, which was part of Cartoon Network’s annual anti-bullying awareness efforts, features :06 second Vine videos that appear on select Vine accounts and will be distributed across FullBottle’s network, which reaches over 150 million people.

“Our goal with ‘Stop Bullying: Speak Up’ is to reach as many kids, parents, educators and community leaders as possible with messages that encourage them to speak up whenever bullying occurs,” said Tracy Barash, VP of brand development at Cartoon Network, in a release. “Working with FullBottle on this new series of Vine videos is another creative extension of that overall effort.”

“Micro-video is an effective way for advertisers to spur action from their target audience. We’re excited that this partnership will promote a positive message that is delivered in the most authentic manner to kids wherever and whenever they are consuming content,” said Reed Berglund, co-founder and CEO of FullBottle, in a release. “When approached by Cartoon Network, we found the perfect set of creators from the world of Vine to record videos for this campaign. Cartoon Network was a great partner in that each Viner was free to produce content that would resonate with their specific audience.”

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