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Weirdly Awesome is one of the strangest, most colorful, and most recognizable campaigns we’ve ever seen.

For their first ever online marketing campaign, Trolli looked at all the options: A stand-alone microsite could be exclusively branded (a campaign must) but because there’s no real social integration, there’s a risk that people visit once and never come back. Other social networks could provide a large audience, but restrictive algorithms made it difficult to reach them. Not to mention the cookie-cutter design of brand pages on those networks.

Tumblr had everything on their list: a heavily branded, fully responsive website that’s also integrated into a highly engaged social network; no restrictions on the reach of their content; and a follower model that draws repeated visitors to their site, increasing engagement and the reach of their other content.

If you’ve got a few minutes, you really ought to watch Trolli’s creative agency, Periscope, talk about the campaign and the things they learned along the way. Their five weirdly awesome tips for success on Tumblr don’t just apply to candy makers, they’re relevant to anyone trying to engage young content consumers.

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