Influencing the Next Generation of Influencers

29.04.2014 by Eric Wachs

We have covered the amazing achievements of athletes ON the field. This week, we are dedicating this space to unprecedented unity OFF the field with a particular focus on how images across Social Media can impact future generations.

While plenty of attention has been given to Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling, we are particularly fascinated with the event that involved futbol star Dani Alves from FC Barcelona.

Alves was the latest in a long line of players to have a banana hurled at them while on the pitch. But where Alves’ behavior departed from the norm was his cool, calm reaction to the incident.

Here’s a quick Vine video of the incident:

Alves’ actions galvanized players across the globe. He inadvertently started a “Say No to Racism” campaign using the hashtag, “#WeAreAllMonkeys”.

Remarkably, POWERFULLY and not surprisingly – the campaign has reached tomorrow’s generation of Kids, Tweens and Teens who devoutly follow “Influencers” across Social Media.

What follows below are a few responses from international soccer superstars…aka Influencers; and the messages youngsters across the globe have been posting ever since. Amazing stuff!!

Mario Balotelli, himself a victim on multiple occasions posted this photo:

Many more followed…

…and from influencers of today to the leaders of tomorrow…a strong message was established.


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