How to Determine Which Platform is Best for Your Social Video Influencer Campaign

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Vine. Instagram. Snapchat. YouTube. Cinematic Pins.

The dynamics of the social video industry are shifting rapidly. Even just two or three years ago, there were only a couple of major players on the scene. Today there are dozens of video platforms and social media video options – and multiple recognizable brands. As a result, many companies struggle to determine which networks that they should focus on for their campaigns. Each video platform is a good fit for different goals, brands, demographics, and formats. Here’s a closer look at the right questions to ask to help determine which platform is best for your social video influencer marketing campaign.

Does the Network Work With Your Brand’s Short-Term Goals and Long-term Strategy?

Perhaps the most important question is whether the network can support your short-term goals. Start by defining your campaign goals and looking for a linear relationship between those objectives and what the platform can deliver. Aspects of this relate to audience, format, and types of engagement. The more tightly linked these two areas are, the more likely your campaign is to be a success.

One of the other fundamental points to consider is whether the social video network you’re looking at works with your brand’s longer-term social strategy. For example, is it feasible and valuable for your company to build a presence on Instagram? If you’re not committed to ongoing, high-quality visual campaigns, establishing an ongoing presence there is going to be a challenge. Advertising on the network can be extremely expensive, so original content is often a must. How will you maintain your momentum over time and capitalize on the fans that you get through your influencer campaign? Think about your long-term goals and what you’ll be willing to invest after the initial influencer marketing campaign. The clearer your objectives are around the network, the more likely you’ll reap consistent rewards from your campaign.

Are Your Customers on the Network and How Do They Use It?

Another factor in determining if a network is right for you is thinking about whether your audience uses the network. It seems like a straightforward point, but in reality, it’s important to peel back the layers around this issue.

Who is your audience? What are the network’s major demographics? When these two points intersect, it’s a good sign that you’re on the right track with a network selection. It’s also helpful to consider how your audience uses the network. Are they looking for connection, entertainment, or educational information? When your audience’s usage patterns on a specific network align with your campaign goals, it’s a strong signal that it could be the right platform for your influencer campaign.

What Are Your Content Strengths?

Circling back to an earlier point, it’s important to think about how your audience uses a given network and determine if that plays to your content strengths. Do you envision the content that your brand creates as short, snappy, funny videos? Then Snapchat is a natural fit. Are animated gifs the right format for your products? Cinematic Pins or Instagram might be the way to go. Ultimately, you want there to be a reasonable amount of consistency between your ongoing brand content plans and the content created in your influencer campaign. It helps build recognition and ensures that your online presence speaks to your audience in a sustainable way.

Is There a Unique Spin Your Brand Can Add?

Does the network position your brand in a unique way? Many consumers are overwhelmed with brand interactions and experiencing a degree of brand exhaustion. Social video is giving companies a chance to say something new and create real value in a way that invigorates brand relationships.

Partnering with influencers can be the right format to infuse fresh insights and spins on both products and your brand’s messaging. Think about whether a platform will stimulate something unique – or simply be another channel to post more of the same content that’s already being promoted on other networks.

Social video is the fastest-growing content medium available to marketers today. Brands that are considering influencer marketing campaigns have several important questions to consider and decisions to make. One of the best strategies is to work with an experienced influencer marketing campaign agency partner such as fullbottle. The knowledgeable team at fullbottle can help evaluate your overall objectives and recommend the network that best fits your goals. They can also establish campaign guidelines, vet and recruit influencers, and manage the process from execution to analysis.

Are you interested in learning more about influencer marketing campaigns and how they can benefit your brand building efforts online? Contact fullbottle today to learn more about our solutions and services.



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