How Expanded Distribution Can Give Rocket Fuel to Your Influencer Marketing Campaign

expanded distribution

Expanded mobile and desktop distribution can serve as the catalyst that gives rocket fuel to an influencer marketing campaign. The extra push of showing video content on websites can expand both the reach and engagement a campaign generates. But coming up with a distribution plan isn’t the first thing that companies think about when they approach an influencer marketing campaign. It’s easy to get caught up in the process of defining your goals, selecting influencers, and crafting content. Each of these steps are critical– but determining how you’ll maximize the impact of a campaign by supporting it with expanded mobile and desktop distribution is an essential part of the planning process. Here’s a closer look at the key takeaways for brands thinking about making the most of their next campaign by leveraging expanded distribution capabilities.

Expanded Distribution Builds on Native Benefits

One of the questions that brands sometimes ask is why additional desktop and mobile distribution is needed at all. After all, one of the reasons that businesses choose influencer marketing over other forms of advertising is content creators’ inherent ability to get powerful, authentic native distribution. By creating content and sharing it with their audiences, influencers are getting brands exposure and much more. However, no matter how large an influencer’s audience is (and the effect of their audience’s shares and social actions), the field of exposure for content can be greatly expanded by sharing videos across other publisher websites.

Experienced influencer marketing agencies get impressive results by matching brands with the perfect influencers and their audiences across social platforms. Taking that impact to the next level is possible, by building on the foundation that the content creators have already established. By targeting the right mobile and desktop distribution options, it’s possible to get a lift to both reach and brand engagement for the campaign and see its results multiply.

Planning Effective Distribution: Focus on Engagement

Effective distribution goes far beyond just syndicating videos so that they’re seen by more people. Numbers matter; for example, fullbottle reaches millions of centennials and millennials across a network of desktop and mobile publishers. When layered on top of native distribution, reach grows exponentially. But simply throwing content out into the digital landscape at scale isn’t the kind of strategic thinking that blows up campaigns and helps brands reach their goals.

Instead, it’s important to avoid blind syndication and to be highly targeted in your distribution choices. Content lands with an impact and goes viral when it connects with the right audience. As with every aspect of digital campaigns, it comes back to the same questions. Who is your audience? How are you trying to reach them? What do you want them to do once they’ve seen your content? Determine the kind of engagement you’re seeking and build that into your distribution strategy. Engagement is the signal that brands need to know they’ve found the right audience and that content resonated with them.

What does successful campaign engagement look like? For example, fullbottle sees video completion rates of 85 – 90% and in some cases higher. Video completions are an important campaign metric. It’s one thing to say that X number of people saw the beginning of a video; but how many watched the whole thing? How many got the benefit of your entire message? That’s the type of impact and engagement brands need to look for. Fullbottle’s engagement rates on mobile and desktop channels often reach 15%+, which is well above the industry average. Great results are built on targeted distribution, quality content, and focusing on engagement.

How to Implement a Distribution Strategy

As you sit down to plan out your influencer campaign, there are several elements to think about in terms of your distribution plan:

Work with talented influencers: Choosing the right influencers for your audience and campaign is the seed upon which everything is built. Talented influencers create original video content for native distribution, which brands can then capitalize on through distribution. Their content has an authenticity, tone, and feeling that’s impossible to match even with high-cost branded content creation.

Think multi-platform: Previously, we’ve discussed the growing importance of cross-channel promotion in native campaign efforts. Influencers create content for Instagram that they cross promote on other social channels. Brands can get more traction on influencers’ original video by using multi-platform promotion and distribution across desktop and mobile channels. Each video gets significantly more mileage.

Focus on maximizing earned reach: Can you organically structure your distribution strategy to make the most of earned reach? Incorporate a social share option on videos that are distributed across mobile and desktop platforms, for example. The more you make it easier for audiences to find and share content, the more likely they are to do so.

Choose the right agency partner: Coordinated mobile and desktop distribution requires existing relationships to execute smoothly. Fullbottle’s extensive network of partners gives our clients access to large audiences beyond those of our talented influencers. When distribution is integrated into your campaign’s creation from the very beginning, your efforts are much more likely to be successful.

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