How Do Successful Content Creators Develop Influence?

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One of the most important criteria in an influencer marketing campaign is determining which content creators have the reach and audience needed to bring your campaign to life. But many marketers have a critical follow up question: how do content creators build their influence and amass their fan bases? From establishing a brand and becoming an authority to wielding real influence over people’s actions, there are a number of ways that individuals use social media to build their profiles on selected social networks. Here is a closer look at how content creators cultivate influence on video networks and what lessons brands can take away from that – for building their own brands, as well as identifying players with staying power.

They Have a Clear Brand Proposition

The most successful content creators have a clear brand proposition. How easy is it to look at the different elements of a creator’s accounts and determine their focus? In general, it’s very clear who top social video stars are talking to and what their area of expertise is. In fact, like most commercial brands, the more specific the brand is the more closely fans are able to identify with it. Brands hit on every element of an account, including names, bios, visual elements, and the content that’s created. When you’re looking for prospective influencers, it’s important to look for consistency, a discernable brand, and a coherency throughout the whole online presence. If a clear brand proposition is present, it’s easier to determine if a creator’s brand aligns with your own messaging and goals.

They Consistently Deliver High Quality Content

Consistency is a core value – not only of building a brand – but also of establishing influence online. One clever video can easily get hundreds of thousands or even millions of comments and shares by going viral. But the ability to build an individualized brand as a creator requires consistently creating innovative, interesting content that speaks to the target audience. When brands are evaluating content creators, it’s helpful to look at their track record of content creation over a period of time. This is indicative of the quality of content that you can expect that to create in connection with your campaign and whether what you have in mind is likely to align with their audience’s interests.

They Cultivate Engagement

Influence online is all about the connections that a brand has with other users. Content creators grow their authority by building connections and cultivating engagement. Promoting engagement begins by getting people in your target demographic interested in your content. A high-engagement content creator has a running conversation with her audience, from sharing other people’s content to answering questions and responding to comments. Another indicator of engagement might be relationships with other influencers. Are other thought leaders in a specific area likely to share and promote their content? Monitoring prospective influencers for signs of past engagement is a helpful metric on how much attention your brand campaign content is likely to receive from their followers and fans.

They Seize Opportunities to Build Their Brand

Succeeding in the social media world sometimes means being opportunistic; that word can sometimes have a negative connotation, but we mean it in the best sense. But in reality, the best social media personalities seize opportunities to build their brands. Often, this is as simple as identifying trends and being on the leading edge of creating quality content in these areas. In other cases, it may mean partnering with brands or other creators to develop bigger and more impactful campaigns. A content creator that’s open to trying something new is often a good fit for influencer marketing as they bring the open mindedness and creativity needed to make campaigns a success.

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