Empowering Your Influencers to Create Amazing Brand Experiences

influencers create brand experiences

Influencer marketing could be described as content co-creation. Brands are able to establish their goals and objectives. Content creators are able to put their own personal spins on that message. Audiences are exposed to new brands, ideas, and points of inspiration. Ideally, it’s an ecosystem of content co-creation and collaboration where everyone wins. But what do brands need to do in order to empower their influencers to create amazing brand experiences?

The Questions Brands Need To Ask Themselves

As a brand that’s considering influencer marketing, the natural question to ask is: what can influencers do for you? But there’s a strong argument for putting a spin on the classic President Kennedy quote. “Ask not what your influencers can do for you, but what you can do for your influencers.” That’s a bit cheeky, but the underlying intention is spot on. Some of the most important questions are:

  • What can brands do to make their influencer campaigns more successful?
  • What makes influencers love to work with brands?
  • What do brands need to do – or not do – to support the content creation process?
  • How can you help your influencers to move beyond static content creation and into creating unforgettable brand experiences?

Why Brand Experiences Matter

AdAge recently did a great piece exploring why the future direction of retail design and development will focus on “brand experiences.” The stores of the future, they argue, won’t actually be about buying but about creating unforgettable experiences that connect consumers to brands. It’s about not selling, but creating the context for selling to naturally follow as an extension of relationships. As Apple’s Angela Ahrends said, “Don’t sell! No! Because that’s a turn-off. Build an amazing brand experience, and then it will just naturally happen.”

The very same experience applies to creating social video content. Raising brand awareness, promoting a product, growing your business. Of course your interactions with customers and the broader market have a commercial objective. But when video viewers and social media contacts feel “sold,” they are less likely to develop positive sentiment and take action on campaigns. This is especially true of younger audiences, from Centennials to Millennials. That’s one of the reasons that influencer marketing works so well. It conveys a level of authenticity and connection that high-production value branded content just can’t organically achieve.

Empowering Your Influencers

When brands are committed to creating the context for influencer relationships to thrive, that sets the tone for success throughout campaigns. There are several steps that motivated brands can take to help their influencers create the sought after “epic content experience:”

  • Partner with the right influencers: One of the most important aspects for hitting the right notes with your brand experiences is choosing the right influencer partners. There are multiple aspects to consider, from their voice and style to how they relate to their audiences. Working with an experienced agency like fullbottle can help you to select the perfect influencers for your goals.
  • Understand what content types resonate: When you’re developing a micro-video campaign, it’s essential to determine what types of content is a good fit for both the platform and your campaign objectives. Are you looking for ideas that stimulate participation, a la user generated content? Do you want to entertain, inspire, or educate? Thinking through these points will help you position your content strategy accordingly.
  • Define a great brand experience: Ideally, by partnering with influencers who understand your space you can be confident that they’ll create great content. But how does your brand define an unforgettable experience? What audience insights do you have that you can share as part of the creative brief and content guidelines? Sharing intelligence, rather than hoarding information, helps ensure success all around.
  • Be willing to let go: When people create content on behalf of your brand, it’s important to ensure that it syncs up with your brand positioning and messaging. But be willing to trust the creative visions of your influencers – especially in a marketplace environment where you have final creative control and approval before content goes to the market. The end results may dazzle you.
  • Work with an agency: The final recommendation for getting the most for your relationship with influencers is to work with an experienced influencer marketing agency like fullbottle. Fullbottle’s team understands the nuances that lead to successful campaigns and can work with you from start to finish to ensure you’ve done everything needed to have your campaign achieve its KPIs.

Are you ready to partner with innovative influencers to create brand experiences for your audience? Contact fullbottle today to learn more about our solutions and services.


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