Dr. Pepper Goes Omnichannel: Influencer Marketing on Vine, Instagram, Periscope, and More

Influencer marketing post for the Dr. Pepper campaign

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If you’ve ever wondered whether it’s possible to launch a major cross-platform initiative, a new influencer marketing campaign is showing how it can be done. Dr. Pepper teamed up with the Spike network’s “Lip Sync Battle” to produce a multi-platform campaign anchored around an event held on June 23rd that integrated live events, social video, influencer marketing, and user generated content. Let’s break down the campaign and explore what brands can learn from this case study when they’re interested in launching their own omnichannel initiatives.

Background: What You Need to Know

Lip Sync Battle is a show that’s hosted on Spike. As the show is planning to release new episodes after a hiatus, they partnered with Dr. Pepper to create a socially driven campaign. Dr. Pepper is an established sponsor of the show and has done socially-driven campaigns with them previously, with a focus on Twitter. For this campaign, a lip sync booth was set up for several hours in New York City’s Times Square on June 23rd. Fans were invited to lip sync on camera to one of four songs from the upcoming season of the show, with a chance that a 30 second segment of their performance might air in the show. As part of the campaign, selected influencers including Liane V. and Don Benjamin took part. Influencers lip synced and then shared content with their networks on SnapChat, Periscope, and other platforms. Influencers were encouraged to create and share content across different channels.

Breaking Down the Campaign

AdAge did a great job of highlighting some of the key elements of the campaign. The goals were clear: to raise visibility for the show, attract viewers, and target a specific younger demographic. Some of the essential components of this successful campaign were:

  • Creating a brand experience that tied into the product/service/content’s core value proposition
  • Anchoring it around an event that would interest the target demographic
  • Making it a fun activity that people could participate in
  • Centralizing the event in a high traffic, interesting place that’s frequented by the people they’re targeting
  • Including an element of interest that promotes user participation (e.g. the 30 second segment opportunity)
  • Developing an influencer marketing strategy that targeted musically relevant influencers
  • Engaging the influencers to create content that was relevant across platforms
  • Using advanced distribution techniques to further amplify the content that was created

How Your Brand Can Launch Its Own Multi-Platform Influencer Campaign

As brands increasingly embrace the power for multi-platform campaigns, it becomes obvious that benefits include a bigger bang for your campaign buck, the chance to develop a presence over different platforms, and reach an even wider audience with your message. But what are the key lessons that make cross-platform campaigns a success?

Omnichannel creates brand consistency opportunities: As younger users spend more time immersed in different networks and the social media landscape is diversifying, taking an omnichannel approach provides several opportunities for brands. One is to create what’s been called the “surround sound” effect. Another is also ensuring that you’re reinforcing your customer relationship with multiple touch points and that you’re presenting a unified brand face across all your social channels.

Get more mileage out of influencer relationships and campaigns: Working with influencers on multiple channels requires some strategic planning. It starts with selecting influencers that have a following and presence on multiple networks. It’s also helpful to think through campaign hooks that can play successfully across different networks. Influencers can create short videos or images, test the content’s performance on different platforms, and then further expand their distribution. Working this way creates more value for both the brand and the influencer.

Work with an experienced agency: Coordinating cross-platform campaigns take a significant amount of expertise and logistical focus. Working with an experienced agency that can apply their knowledge to every step from influencer selection to content promotion will help ensure that your initiative is a success. Fullbottle’s knowledgeable team will help you take your content from Instagram to Snapchat to Vine.

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