Developing an Authentic Brand Voice for Social Video Marketing: Lessons on Vine from Panic! At the Disco     

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Panic! At the Disco, a popular band, recently took to the stage to play during the Shorty Awards. But they also hit the red carpet and one of the band’s members, Brendon Urie, gave the International Business Times a great interview on building a strong following on Vine. Urie has almost a million followers on the social video platform, and has some helpful recommendations for how brands can build a compelling presence there. The central insight was the importance of a developing authentic voice for your brand on Vine. Let’s take a closer look at Panic!’s example and explore how developing an authentic voice can help propel your brand’s social media marketing to the next level.

Go Behind the Scenes

A major point that Urie made was thinking about how to use Vine to tell your story. There are other platforms to post in-depth presentations, product photos, or explainer videos. What do your fans, followers, and customers want to see from you that can be conveyed in six seconds? For Panic! at the Disco, life on the road and behind the scenes previews have made for hot content. In the interview, Urie said: “When musicians are using it it’s like a shot of them on tour, which is always fun. It’s a little different than singing live. But it gives insight, which is cool.”

The idea of giving fans insight into your brand and products is spot on for how to think about content creation. The question is how to translate that general paradigm to your specific industry and your company’s personality. Many brands have had success with fun videos showing customers with their products; developing quick, funny loops; and cultivating user generated content (UCG) campaigns. Find something unique and meaningful to say that aligns with your brand, and keep the network’s lighter tone in mind.

Find Your Authentic Voice

For Urie, authentic correlates with original: whether it’s original material or putting a fresh spin on a more staid topic, being different is key. “So I think the original thing works out a little better, as long as you’re not trying to copy someone straight up, because that just sucks. Do some original stuff. That’s my advice,” he says. The story was interesting: originally he set up an account on the site to mimic the routines of his favorite comics. His strategy quickly evolved into developing his own voice and approach to relating with fans. Today, fans follow him for both his personal comedic material and the insider views of band life.

Considering what types of content appeals to you – and by extension to your core demographic – is a great start. Is the tone playful, evocative, emotional or educational? An authentic voice reverberates through every aspect of your content creation, from how you position your account to the content that you share. It’s about what you’re saying, the tone you’re using, and the visuals that underscore that messaging. All of these elements comprise your brand’s voice and how those impact the viewer experience.

3 Tips for Conveying Your Authentic Voice in Social Video

Focus on the what and the how: When you’re developing your voice, it’s important to remember that this includes both what you say and how you want to say it. Adjusting both the content and tone of Vines to your audience and objective ensures that your content hits the mark. Think about how you want your audience to feel when they see your content. What do you want the call to action to be when they see it?

Find a unique angle: You’re probably contributing a video on a topic or issue that’s widely discussed on social media and social video. Ask yourself, what is your unique position? Uncovering that – what you have to say that’s different from everyone else out there – gives you a great starting point for developing innovative and authentic content that’s all your own.

Leverage the power of influencers: Counterintuitively, one of the best ways to find your brand’s unique voice on social video may be to surrender some creative control to others. By working with influencers who deeply understand Vine, it’s possible to leverage their knowledge to create effective content that supports your brand’s goals. The best way to achieve this is by partnering with an experienced influence marketing agency like fullbottle, who will help you identify influencers whose work, voices, and tones is complementary to what you’re trying to achieve.

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