Cinematic Pins: Pinterest’s New Video-like Advertising Solution

Pinterest Cinematic Pins

More than a year after Pinterest introduced Promoted Pins, their advertising solution for brands, they’ve made major steps forward in their advertising platform. The company just announced the introduction of Cinematic Pins. These images have been described as “video-like.” Essentially, a Cinematic Pin gives brands the ability to tell a story with an animated pin, a format that has the potential to really stand out in the otherwise static visual environment of Pinterest. Here’s a closer look at Cinematic Pins and what their introduction could mean for brands and their visual content marketing efforts.

What Exactly is a Cinematic Pin?

A Cinematic Pin is the latest Pinterest ad-based format. It’s an image that moves when a user is scrolling over it. The motion stops when a user stops scrolling. If a user clicks on the image, a full animation may play. It’s designed to provide advanced storytelling capabilities for brands while giving users control over the user experience. The approach is different than other social media networks have taken, offering brands the chance for enhanced expression while prioritizing the user experience. So far major brands like Gap, L’Oreal, Walgreens, Suave and Target are experimenting with the format. Pinterest has even created The Pin Factory, an in-house agency that’s helping high spend advertisers develop the creative for campaigns.

Pinterest has also rolled out other advertising features has rolled out new features which make these Pins more valuable; in particular, they’ve recently launched better user targeting. It’s now possible to target users based on factors such as life stage, geography, and interests. By combining these two features – and potential of amplifying campaign reach through influencer campaigns – brands have the ability to more effectively reach customers on Pinterest.

Wendy’s Case Study

One of the early adopters of Cinematic Pins is the fast food chain Wendy’s. The company is using the site to connect with Pinterest’s heavily female demographic. The campaign focuses on promoting the company’s strawberry salad. Cinematic Pins from Wendy’s show a basket filling with strawberries, for example. The brand created a series of Cinematic Pins to show strawberries as they move from field to table, really telling the story of the food’s journey for customers. In an interview with AdWeek, one of the campaign’s creators said “The creative is focused on the strawberry story and the care and quality that goes into every step of the journey.”

What This Means for Brands

Up until now, brand strategy for Pinterest has mostly focused on product-level creative. Because of the way that people tend to use the site, it’s important to have great product images and visually beautiful staged photographs that show how products might be used. Other static visual mediums, such as infographics, have also played a role in how brands communicated with consumers on Pinterest. With the introduction of Cinematic Pins, the potential has evolved to a whole new level.

Determine what’s right for you: For brands that are invested in Pinterest, your traditional strategy may be the right choice. Many companies, especially those in fashion or home décor for example, are the perfect fit to continue to drive traffic for product-oriented pins. The question to consider is whether a bigger storytelling opportunity would benefit your brand with this audience.

Think in terms of story: Many of the examples you’ll see in the media of Cinematic Pins are simple animations. For example, a common one is illustrated in the image above with a woman taking sunglasses off and on. These images are fun, but may not have the long-term impact that you’re hoping for. Think about how Cinematic Pins can be used to tell a story about your product, brand, or message. The Wendy’s campaign is a standout example for the reason that it draws consumers deeper into the message and connects with a hot theme people care about (farm to table).

Try sharing useful information: Suave has a great example of a Cinematic Pin; the pin shows a woman shaking her hair out in a three step process to get extra volume. Is there a quick how-to that you could showcase to your followers?

Experiment with influencer campaigns: It’s early days yet for Cinematic Pins. But brands will quickly be working to find potential strategies to collaborate with influencers. If you’re considering developing an influencer campaign for Pinterest Cinematic Pins, work with an experienced agency like fullbottle that understands how to build influencer campaigns for visual social networks. From selecting influencers to managing campaign logistics, a knowledgeable influencer marketing partner will ensure that you have a successful campaign. One approach might involve working with influencers to create campaigns that are then filtered through the advertising network for broader promotion.

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