5 Strategies to Increase Vine Engagement

vine engagement

Six seconds is plenty of time to capture the imagination of a prospective customer or client and get them interested in your brand. With 100 million users and 1.5 billion loops played every day, Vine gives brands access to a large potential audience. Once you’ve mastered the art of six second storytelling, it’s time to think through your strategy for increasing engagement on Vine. The network is a hotspot for younger consumers. Engagement is essential to amplifying your content’s reach, as well as cultivating meaningful relationships with followers. Here’s a closer look at five approaches to increasing engagement and connection on the Vine platform.

Connecting Content and Platform Norms

When you’re launching a social video campaign, there are numerous platforms to choose from. Vine is a very specific network, with its six second time limitations and generally playful tone. The list of potential categories is instructive. Vine features the following channels: animals, art, comedy, DIY, food, news, science and tech, style, family, music and dance, sports, and places. The focus here is on the user experience, not on creating channels for brands to promote themselves. Your content will stimulate engagement when it delivers value to the viewer and feels organic within the network context. What will the Vine audience find interesting, and how does your content link to that? Are your videos funny, inspiring, adorable, thought provoking, or something else? It’s important that you decide what kind of a “brand moment” you want to create for viewers, and work to develop a video that delivers on that experience.

Focusing on Hashtags and Captions

Hashtags originated on Twitter, but they’ve evolved to become a staple of how every social media network operates. By using the right hashtags when you post a video on Vine, you’ll jump into the middle of discussions on topics you care about the most. Think about how you’re going to leverage hashtags in your social video campaigns. One option is to check the Vine homepage for the top trending hashtags. Specialized Vine Analytics tools, such as Simply Measured and Tagsleuth, can also help you track the performance and popularity of hashtags on Vine.

When your video is posted, you’ll be asked to add a caption. There are two schools of thought on Vine captions. One is that you should develop a concise, descriptive (read: keyword relevant) summary of your video that promotes search and tells viewers what they’re watching. The other is that you should apply persuasive techniques and come up with something engaging that entices a viewer to watch. The answer is that, ideally, you manage to accomplish both. Write a brief, descriptive caption that’s compelling enough to invite a click.

Interact and Cross-Promote

Vine videos are easy to share on other social marketing platforms. In fact, one source estimates that users share 8,333 Vines every minute. Take the time to cross-promote your Vines to platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instragram. Engagement on Vine itself can be measured in likes, comments, or shares. Establishing an interactive brand presence will help encourage reciprocal engagement. Like or share other Vines that you enjoy. Respond to some of the comments left on your content. Engagement signals from your brand help you transcend the feeling of “selling” and invite followers to join you in a conversation.

Create the Context for a Discussion

Vine can be a great format for collaborative storytelling. Vine videos don’t just have to be about your brand creating and pushing out videos. Instead, look for opportunities to engage your followers by inviting them to share their thoughts and generate their own content. Contests are a great example of a strategy to engage customers and the community at large to become brand advocates. The Tribeca Film Festival’s #6SECFILMS competition is one example that brands can learn more from. It’s closely connected to the brand’s essential mission, and works to raise its profile within the Vine platform.

Seed Engagement with Influencer Marketing

Another important element of marketing is connecting your brand with talented Vine content creators. Launching an influencer marketing campaign that’s geared at Vine can be a great way to establish engagement and broaden your reach to new audiences. Through an influencer marketing campaign, brands connect with established content creators whose audiences reflect the company’s desired demographics. Based on clear objectives, influencers create and promote videos around your campaign’s messaging and products to share with their followers. Working with an experienced partner like FullBottle will ensure that your campaign is a success, from identifying the right influencers to managing the logistics of the campaign. Each campaign that FullBottle develops includes a clear plan for stimulating, increasing, and measuring engagement to ensure that your initiative achieves its reach-related goals.

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