3 Winning Snapchat Influencer Campaigns That Yielded Strong Millennial and Gen Z Interest

BBC Snapchat influencer marketing campaign

If you’re interested in reaching younger audiences, Snapchat may be the best platform to use. According to comScore, 71% of Snapchat’s audience is comprised of 18-34 year olds and most experts agree that the audience actually skews younger (but the company doesn’t measure that group). comScore’s data reveals that the platform has the highest concentration of younger users of all social networks. So what brand campaigns are being launched that speak directly to younger audiences today? It’s sometimes difficult for brands to envision what a successful Snapchat influencer campaign looks like. Here’s a closer look at three campaigns that generated interest among Millennials and Gen Z and some big takeaways for interested brands.

The BBC’s South Side Story

Social video is a natural format to promote entertainment content like movies and television shows. The British Broadcasting Company (BBC) recently jumped on Snapchat to promote a new reality series called South Side Story. South Side Story is a structured reality show that follows the lives of several 18-25 year olds who want to succeed in entertainment by going after their dreams on London’s South side. The Snapchat campaign featured behind the scenes previews, exclusive teasers, introductions to characters, and vignettes that introduced viewers to the characters. Because the target demographic of the show was a younger audience, the campaign was a natural fit. It’s a great example of the power of exclusive content to draw in audiences and increase engagement on Snapchat.

The Maze Runner’s #SurvivetheNight

Another campaign that made waves last year and actually won a Shorty award is The Maze Runner’s #SurvivetheNight campaign. The brand wanted to engage with its audience and raise awareness of the release of the DVD. They created an overnight challenge that pitted two influencers against one another to complete a series of challenges that mirrored the events in the movie. Fans could follow along, vote, and use a hashtag to help their favorite influencer. Snapchats were created and shared to bring audiences into the action. The winner was the influencer that activated the most fans, among both their own following and the movie’s fanbase. Results were impressive and generated 5.5 MM impressions, 95k screenshots, and more than 41k new followers in just 12 hours. #Survivethenight is a powerful example of how real life events can be used to generate next-level branded content.

The World Surf League (WSL)

Surfing is a sport for the young – and the young at heart. That’s why you’ll find the World Surf League already deeply entrenched in Snapchat. Obviously, they have a significant amount of high action video footage to share and frequently report on big contests and great waves. But they’re also doing more innovative and personal touches, which is the big takeaway for their brand. The WSL Rookie of the Year, for example, takes fun photos and sends “autographed” examples through Snapchat to fans. The WSL has done a great job of grasping the impact of one-to-one content on the network.

Takeaways for Interested Brands

If you’re ready to launch your own Snapchat campaign that’s geared at younger users, there are several steps you can take to make a bigger splash:

Leverage your video assets – but create original content: Many brands are finding that it’s hard to leverage existing video assets into a compelling Snapchat presence. High production value branded video is often out of place on the network. While brands can get mileage out of some video assets, it’s important to have an original content strategy that plays to the strengths and playful tone of Snapchat.

Offer something exclusive: Exclusive content has a big appeal to fans and gets them to follow your brand. Whether it’s funny, original content, Snapchat only previews, or discounts and coupons, brands have found that offering exclusive content on Snapchat encourages younger audiences to engage.

Find a point of action: Some of the most successful Snapchat campaigns that have targeted younger audiences have been developed around real-world events. A contest between influencers, a concert in Times Square, even a simple onsite visit to a company’s HQ that’s made fun with special touches. Sometimes great content starts with creating an interesting context to build the content creation process on.

Work with influencers: Using influencers to create and amplify content is a common denominator with successful campaigns. Working with an experienced agency like fullbottle will ensure that you identify the right influencers, create content that will resonate with your market, and have a distribution plan in place to increase your Snapchat campaign’s impact.

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