3 Examples of Great B2B Vine Campaigns & How Influencer Marketing Can Help

B2B Vine campaigns

Most users think of Vine as primarily a consumer-focused platform. It’s a natural fit for B2C brands selling products or looking for a way to share fun bits of content. But there are brands in the B2B space that are doing innovative Vine campaigns, increasing brand awareness with their target demographic, and selling products and services to enterprise buyers. If you’re a business-to-business marketer, can six second videos play a useful role in your media mix? We’ve already taken a look at fun examples like General Electric’s #6SecondScience campaign. Here are three B2B Vine campaigns that are worth learning more about and some strategies for getting traction on Vine for your business-focused brand.

Adobe’s Tap to Reveal

Adobe’s Vine profile describes their work as “changing the world through digital experiences.” The B2B powerhouse is known for creating software packages that are staples in both the corporate and design worlds. How do you convey digital experiences and software in the Vine format in a way that’s interesting and engages a B2B audience? Adobe has done a great job by showcasing industry events.

Whether it’s a soundbite that reveals a major insight or just a fun, quirky moment, people in their target industries are intrigued. More recently, the company has launched a Tap to Reveal campaign. Essentially, their Vines move through a series of statistics at lightning speed. Users tap the video to stop it at any given point to read the specific factoid in more depth. Not only does this encourage ongoing engagement with the Vines, but readers spend more time looking at a variety of stats.

HP Visualizes Abstract Product Benefits

It’s easy to fall into the trap of believing that if your products aren’t tangible or if you’re trying to showcase an abstract benefit, that a six second video isn’t the right format. HP sells to both businesses and consumers.

In one of their campaigns for the world’s fastest desktop printer, they drew the parallel between the speed of New York City takeout delivery and the product’s printing speed. It was a concrete illustration of something that would otherwise be difficult to envision, and had a modern, urban feel that appealed to their target demographic.

Cisco’s Internet of Everything

Cisco is a high-tech company that puts creativity as one of the core pillars of their business. After all, it’s essential for everything from software innovation to project management. On their Vine channel, Cisco has created a series of targeted Vine’s the carry that message to specific target audiences.

For example, one Vine tells viewers that “With the Internet of Everything, a mid sized gas and oil company can generate an 11% bottomline improvement.” This is just one of a series of Vines that are part of a clear channel strategy geared at this target audience. The campaign is instructive in how related content streams can be developed to help create an experience for B2B audiences within Vine.

Other Ideas for B2B Vine Applications

For many B2B marketers, the idea of generating engaging content in the Vine format is a challenge. Here are some ideas to help you get started:

  • Create short videos that profile customers, their logos, and products
  • Encourage user generated content around your products and services
  • Showcase customers using products
  • Develop a careers film with employees using your tagline and pointing candidates to your Careers URL
  • Highlight industry statistics and original research
  • Shoot brief testimonials from customers, partners, and vendors
  • Give an insider look at company culture
  • Offer followers a preview of big moments at industry events
  • Create a short brand video that focuses on brand values, tagline, or unique selling propositions
  • Produce product or service demos
  • Launch new products
  • Announce key hires or company news
  • Develop quick hits How To videos with the hashtag #howto

Influencer marketing campaigns can be an effective way to reach B2B audiences through Vine. Experienced Vine content creators can also apply creativity and problem solving to the best ways to bring your message to the platform. Partner with an experienced agency like fullbottle. The team at fullbottle understands the unique challenges of B2B marketing in the social video space and will work with you at every step of the way to craft an influencer marketing campaign that grows your brand and supports your immediate marketing goals.

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